I Stand for Liberty, Selfie on Liberty Street

It ought to be an honor to be human. All too randomly, circumstance or place of birth becomes the burden of a lifetime. Advantages can supply superior designs without a license. At liberty to develop as we see fit is hard-won or nil in too many places. Freedom is not just another word. The independence to originate our way of living from start to finish should only be a race with death and not those around us. While I don’t condone chaos outside of the genius of creative construction for ideas, uprisings are a mechanism for beautiful empowerment. I do believe firmly in the arousal of self-reliance. Sometimes a huge shift is needed to progress. When we’re permitted the luxury to largely train our own compass to amass what or where we want great productions and generations may occur. The road to paving privileged principles is not laid without immense endeavours.

Social order at the expense of liberty is hardly a bargain. ~Marquis de Sade

It’s odd to have something exist that isn’t available to everyone. For every setback I incur, I’m not additionally distressed by government rule, neither any current relationship pressure for example. In the one case, I need to report my taxes else I pay the price of being sought for compensation. On the other hand, if I’ve landed myself in a messy pattern of emotional engagement with intimacy, I can choose to let that go. Living in America has deep-rooted blessings by comparison to some friends I know in developing or authoritarian countries. Cultures that cut the freedom cord short have long-held control issues. While it may look to afford them distribution maintenance I think it is psychologically damaging to their individuals. Then again, I remember a slight sensitivity sting seeing my first mansion home or a speedboat. Our family wasn’t living in such a place, nor was anything more than a wind-powered craft gonna be a cost my dad spent his money on. Expensive things are a typical freedom of the affluent. Overall, topping my gratitude list is my dependence in relishing I can broadly build my day as I wish.

He who knows the precepts by heart, but fails to practice them,

Is like unto one who lights a lamp and then shuts his eyes. ~Nagarjuna

Coming from a country where opportunity is a privilege stamped at birthright means you’re born with the lights on all of the time. It’s your choice to follow freedoms to use them as the morals set for you. Even in the worst cases, I’ve known in the United States where defending what one is decreed are still laden with the ability to fight. A short while ago I learned difficult news of a young friend in an African nation. He was denied a visa to come to receive an education in my land (hardly a surprise with our political climate). His mother is the lone breadwinner and married to an abusive alcoholic husband. While she owns the home, she took her kids and ran away for their safety. She needs sound legal advice, notably that divorce is a minimum two-year process. Social norms on her soil typically don’t favor women or children. No matter how much someone might attempt to censure our freedom, we owe it to humanity to help anyone with such an essential struggle. That a Human Freedom Index even exists is a powerful message for the hope to set more balance toward the privilege of liberty for all.

I believe in Liberty for all men: the space to stretch their arms and their souls, the right to breathe and the right to vote, the freedom to choose their friends, enjoy the sunshine, and ride on the railroads, uncursed by color; thinking, dreaming, working as they will in a kingdom of beauty and love. ~W. E. B. Du Bois

If our duration were but an opportunity for everyone to express kindly freedoms. Tyranny, bullying, and brash means to seclude your resources only ends in detachment, defeat, disorder, and defaulting to a loveless existence. Played out by more than one person, on the scale of millions over whom you reign, is just asking for a bad karmic kickback. Regardless of a constitution, papers, or precedent set forth by rulers, I wish for the world to embrace the ideology of privileged principles for all. The destination is to trust the philosophy that everyone allowed to roam with the liberating outlet of humoring all the optimistic freeing leeway the earth offers will provide more world order. Imagine the rate of happiness when everyone welcomes the same perk. Together, all accepting of the privilege of being alive, we may better bridge favorable partnerships.

The shallow consider liberty a release from all law, from every constraint. The wise man sees in it, on the contrary, the potent Law of Laws. ~Walt Whitman

Within the history of freedom, we’ve gained noble rewards. People of all variety account for the majestic realms of our terrain. From buildings to the economy, baking to the protected environmental wilderness, it has taken the sweep of ethnicities globally to shape our monumental contributions. Being free from restriction to participate in endowing your skills to the advancement of humankind is the most valid principle to which I subscribe. Free will to think, fantasize and dream simply cannot be oppressed. Even if you live in a land indoctrinating authority over any pleasure you may conceive, you may feel inside the possibility to know you are worthy of deserving your freedom. The significance of deliverance for ourselves through principles of privilege proclaims increased strength of personality. When I’m Free to do what I want, I produce more positivity. What a profound place our entire planet would be with more forward-loving people.

Count your fortunes however they come, but please alight others with your favors along the way.

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