Pruning Gloom

4 min readDec 21, 2020
Carpe With a Side of Diem, Photo by BradensEye delivering her darkness some dessert at The Sacred Garden, Maui

We should be taught the romance of darkness. How to unwrap the yummy nibbles to mouthfuls of shade so that we sense the tingling on the tongue of the sugar coursing through every vein. Today, my northern hemisphere booty sits tilted as far from the sunshiney star I resemble the most. The fire, typically so perky that people often aren’t quite sure what to do with all of my vibrantly big doses of positivity, had been dwindling down to barely smoldering embers inside many of my body parts these latest months. Sexy tides of summer abruptly tripped me into winter solstice mode a bit too soon for my usual taste. Medically-induced mishaps will easily lavish you with their festive sorrows. Pruning gloom positions redemption where self-pity once tried to act as if it could lease your entire space indefinitely. Stoking ourselves is the purpose of a life supremely sorted.

We didn’t sign up for this therapy session. ~Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Coaching yourself to cohabitate with the blindsidedness of bad things befalling us regularly is a lesson in employing empathy. I want us to color our darks so darkly that peeling off a blue feels as securely wrapped in warmth as encircling oneself in a yellow or dripping against the seductive red. It’s unceasingly in season to behoove the style of haunting our own ghosts. Your melancholies are phantasmic silhouettes of what your soul aches to speak. The louder you listen the longer your epiphanies. Sometimes my speech only comes in words of dancing, eating, singing with my body, or massaging my brain. There might be dreary days whose comfort cascades across your frame in the avalanche of water pelting from the showerhead. Just as you would sift the soils before patting in a new bud that begs to grow, the upheaval to blossom is a non-linear reach. Let’s loosen our shadows.

Did you know that you can splinter into a zillion shreds and remain ok? I wish there was a loudspeaker that started each day with your favorite sounds of music or stillness and announced whatever you needed to hear. Mine shall frequently remind me that anytime I’m not earning (in the traditional sense) I am persistently ‘working’ on myself, which is the utmost career choice I may ever embody. Buried in the credit we’ve accumulated on plastic cards or in the ether of investments lies the commitment of industrious infinity to generate empowerment enough to…


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