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Reflections of Me

I found myself feasting on a buffet of friendship. It was delicious and nutritious! It was solid girl time. It was a supernatural love fest. It was meaningful and playful. It was elegant and simple. I was doused with rose oil, showered with smiles and superb listening, gifted with tales that broadened my knowledge and heart base, shared some of the world’s best chocolate, set against the backdrop of French cafe music. All with this ray of sunshine woman I’d only technically met with in person one other time in my life, years prior.

I’ve had a lot of friends for as long as I can remember: sister friends, lifer friends (people who’ve known me the longest and still stick around), best friends, family friends, grade school or high school (we didn’t have a middle school in the small country town where I was raised) or college friends, all levels of work friends (for the surplus of jobs I’ve surmounted in my life), associate friends, mentor friends, lover friends, ex-lover friends, boyfriends, boy friends, ex-beau friends, fling friends, girl friends, transgender friends (not that I refer to them this way, but playing along), house and pet-sitting friends, Burning Man friends, other event friends, travel friends, locations-I’ve-traveled friends, adventure friends, and more. I’ve accumulated more as time whizzes by. Each provides context to my multi-dimensional life. I think anyone who knows me would estimate my friendship circles are all over the place. I’m mega rich in the nourishment of so very many friends.

The joy spot is that many of the really awesome friends I have are people I’ve not spent the most time with in life, or they may be people I see infrequently or even rarely, and some are people I once spent a chunk of time with only to have our lives take us in very different directions or vastly gaping locations. But, I can talk with or see these stellar humans and we’re simpatico, in sync and able to pick up as if no time has passed, and as if the amount of time shared never matters to the wealth of the friendship. This is a true sign of what’s priceless to me. This is a life gift that keeps giving. It’s the compliment and profit of unconditional living. It’s the appraisal value that never fluctuates, only ever rising.

Which brings me to people as a whole species of potential goodness. You see (or, rather, I want you to see), people are always offering us unadulterated reflections of ourselves if we wish to pay attention. Therein, people are unceasingly available to proposition you your pure and good self. You’re surrounded every single instant you’re in the presence of another or others. These tender conveniences of connection I’ll call ‘reflections of me’…. i.e. Reflections of self that are ubiquitous.

A bona fide case of resplendence in my day was friend iX-Chel Sandivel. She bounced into our meet up, literally reflecting my beauty, inspiration, grounded love, bubbly juicy generosity, dreams of success, profound spirit, tons of play, and wisdom dating back to at least ancient Egypt! The download I’m aiming to give you is that we create what we want. We get what we give, and what we choose. We may see what is right there anytime for us to divine. The groovy facet is in the choice.

iX-Chel and I met a mere one moment in time my dears, but we solidified a friendship based on that encounter. We knew there was so much for us to offer one another, no matter how much we might see one another, or not. So we cultivated that, growing it like a flower.

I’ll take this a step further. Mother Nature means a lot to me. I consider it as a real entity. I converse with her this way. I cry for the courage of the life cycle she represents every time I watch Disney’s Fantasia: The Firebird Suite. It’s a reflection of me that empathizes with the cycle of birth, life, death, and resurrection… of (my)self. It promotes the eternal struggle of all things I know. Tiny fragments of my teenage troubles, larger than life adulthood traumas, or the variety between. How cool is that?! That Disney made a film for me, about me. Ha! As you might well know, Disney didn’t actually make this film for me personally. I felt like they did though. It resonated so strongly with me.

Likewise, there’s a reflection of me which embarks more closely with nature. I like to think I have a stimulating relationship with nature. I, quite specifically, massage her and she massages me. I walk upon her barefoot as often as I’m able. I swoosh upon her powdered hills and mountains. I swim countless laps in her waters. I breathe songs and words into her airy skin. Every bit of this doing ‘massages’ my ravishing thinking about my happy life.

Another example: I’m a hugger. I love to hug people as a greeting, first meeting, sign of affection, to dispel any discomfort with strangers (sure, sure, possibly an irony that strangers would find more discomfort in hugging me you could argue, but I’m sticking with my point of view). Most certainly, everyone is not a hugger. However, I’ve hugged gobs of humans in my life. I thrive on superior hugs. My compass points to people that will reflect the ability to hug way more often than not. Even for those who profess they aren’t huggers, then accept the hug. I believe these instances reflect me, opening others to my joy of hugging. You’re welcome to test this with me anytime.

I think(/hope) you’re catching on. What we are, or think, is amplified by the instances in our life: the people, the places, the things, the experiences, the content. So, why not echo the finer things in life — the finest you. Pick your favorite people, places and possessions and let them mirror your magnitude.

Reflect the primo, priceless, potent YOU!



LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy, pondering, and photography.

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LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy, pondering, and photography.