Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Photo by BradensEye

Go ever so slowly… crawling as the snail sneaks along the sidewalk racing the shadows pace. Else, contemplate oozing along the lines of pushing molasses up Everest. Caring is a cosmopolitan canvas of qualities. Caring is not for whimsy nor instant gratification seekers. True caring involves a meditation of spirit synched with the powers of hurricane winds. Caring force is what Wonder Woman uses to fly, save others, and look sexy all the same. At its core, caring takes a ton of consideration into being.

Navigating care requires a Grand Canyon’s worth of patience. Time is an elusive beast from which caring heeds no warnings. Caring reaps giant rewards for those who embrace the elongated solitude and fortitude to tolerate any time given when it comes to caring. There is a sanctuary in caring that resembles prized rose gardens of the royals who live upon palace lands. Being given entrance into the caring realm opens doors of compassion, windows of gratitude, and leaves trails of ease along vistas of happiness for your eternity.

Let’s begin with self-care. All too often, we lob caring outwardly. Think Andy Murray on his best win days. No matter how elegantly we’re placing the caring, the act of pushing it away from checking in on ourselves initially will wither the delicate caring seeds we have to grow. A speedy route to depletion is the act of forsaking yourself by always placing another on a pedestal before you have your own footing. Instead, practice caring for you before sharing caring with others. Foster within and you will not go without room to care for others well.

What is personal care? Defining caring for self resembles decorating a birthday cake. You may like creamy layers or super sweet sugars with possibly lots of color and caricatures poking into the top. I like sparkler style candles that seemingly never expire no matter how hard you blow. Maybe you are a couture fiend and only accept designer versions of your edibles. It doesn’t matter what your flavor is so much as you appreciating the result. Care is exactly about you receiving what you want. Optimal examples of self-potency sustenance for me delight a range of senses: massage, time laughing and sharing with friends or family I adore, thumping melodies, sexy sensual play, sweet dreaming, swimming in oceans, sailing most seas, hugging on children, dancing, meditation, solitude, absorbing superior books, sumptuous travel, feeling and creating space… to… think. Your particular tonic might be racing cars, watching tv, sleeping, creating art, cooking, crunching abs, crocheting, teaching, bird watching or mowing the lawn.

There’s always a flip side, the dark side. Pretending to care looks like pretending to swim in seven-foot swells. You will drown in drama from such falsehood. Such souls might well step off the nurturing others caring train. I suppose this is one giant karmic balance coin in the register of life. Some people are here for the world to care for and only have the bandwidth to let others care for them. Likewise, there are people who care only for themselves. Although I cannot imagine a world where any of us shuns caring for self and others entirely over our timeline, I’ve met humans I know cannot muster this expanse of caring. Let us recognize there is need and there is ego. But mostly, let those of us reading this dig deeply into the caring pool of self-love. Swallow the big life pill of responsibility instead. Take a time out to consider what you’re really doing (or not) if you’re putting all your energy into something outside of the basics of providing well for you first.

Armed with a superhero stride of self-care will blast through those pesky life hurdles from failure to fears and losses alike. The might of a caring soul aware of what it takes to have care, be careful, move in caring ways, adjust to caring thoughts, and feel through a caring perception is probably the basis for the truths behind the happiest places on our planet. I think such persons are pretty darn good at nearly anything they want to achieve in the long or short run too. Careers and all. This is my poor attempt at self-effacing commentary. Namely since my history choosing a career of caring for others professional and personal lives through assisting and management has taught me the true price of caring. Completely flushing out what it takes to keep a human being well cared for has brought me this wise requiem for knowing the value of caring for self.

Take a moment to brew a magic potion list of your self-care recovery tools. Build a mental box of knowing what allows you to regain all of you whenever you become worn, frustrated, panicked, peeved, edgy, or off-kilter in any way. Keep tabs on your self-care. Post your caring love list in places that will remind you. Tell your partner, roomie, family or best friends. Engage in thriving by knowing what makes you tock, so things never get to the ticking you off point. Run that bubble bath, book that movie date, slip into your softest pj’s for a little slumber, lay down that vinyl and get to moving your body! Whatever you believe you need creates the caring medicine for you to succeed.

I leave you with this token of goodness — May you slide and glide your way to more CAREful living.

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