Rewiring Rescue

4 min readJun 17, 2022
Keeping Your Cool, Photo by BradensEye with a grand bow to the coolest Kuhlman

To let go is to make room. The idealist in me is a holdout for the highest order of businesses. Within the confines of producing wisdom lie perpetrators of proceeds. Characters at the corporate levels who solely have dollar signs in their sphere of reaping. Ones who’re minus the leadership when the very vessel they steer is meant to impart this! There’s a poopy profiteering culture that leans too heavily into the life of civilians. Institutions with a resolute focus on money alone are missing the fundamental purpose of creation ~ live connection. I see them as doomed to lose in the long run. I think that they’ve failed the value that utility is community care. Yet, I’m always believing in the silver lining. Even if you must stand on your hands to rustle it loose, turn it topsy-turvy, flip to a spankingly fresh page, or hunt that sheen down. In fact, it’s the rewiring rescue that sums up the initial use.

I am in the business of putting old heads on young shoulders. ~Jean Brodie by Maggie Smith, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Last month my father’s beloved University of South Carolina career was abruptly ixnayed. One seemingly fine Tuesday he received an email (an EMAIL?!) to alert him that his tomorrow as scheduled Wednesday class would be his final with them forever. The semester was closing along with a fifty-one-year stretch. Halted without so much as a conversation or high-five. Now, I don’t need to inflame the rumor mill, but attempts to nudge him out in favor of exclusive online instruction had been afoot for a while. For a man who understands the diplomatic art of a handshake and a smile, this was no good. We found this charming review of his mandatory in-person presentations-style lecturing a kind boon to the momentary blow. He had the gift of skillfully showing his scholars the necessity for invaluable personable performance. That how well you communicate lends you more leverage in enterprising dealings.

Ah, when we see from the eyes of vantages anew. This affair has clearly stayed in my mind for a few weeks. It’s the exemplary essence of why transitions equate to opportunity. Heroic legacies have nothing to do with weapons of destructive behavior and everything to do with ethics. Guiding is the limelight of learning, instead of merely financial gain. There are many humans I know who would be thrilled to keel over in the midst of working…


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