How Does Your Solid Grow, Photo by BradensEye in the wilds of Coconino National Forest

Consciously craving sweet spots is a worthwhile addiction. I’m going to speak for a myriad of us to note we wish to boldly embark trusting all our ventures. Those moments where one’s thinking is the lull of a butterfly’s wings hitched to the tenderness of a parent’s soft kiss upon their newborn’s chipmunk cheeks. Where a knowing resides so comfortably inside of us that any big leaps gallantly unfold. Even if I want a drastically dangerous slice of flying, trying, marriage or more, having the vigorous foresight to evaluate and choose to persist in light of odds is an element of tempered steadiness. When you’ve established a phenomenal foundation of self it’s incredibly hard to rock the solid out of you.

The question is not, ‘Do you have a problem?’ The question is, ‘Does the problem have you?’ ~Joel Osteen

Stability is our (non-Charlie) sheen. I highly recommend everlasting sussing and sorting in order to garnish your world with the prime suspects that suit the most unwavering you. A funniest contemplation for me is how we humans will debate anywhere from hours to far too many years over certain things we cram our days full of ranging from people and homes to food and careers. Instead of stalwartly dividing and conquering those which doubt your bias, many of us are apt to cling longingly to a sinkhole gobbling our precious time. Footing has been in fashion long enough for us to own the admiration of standing on stable ground. Even us bungee-jumpers know you need a good pair of shoes plus a plan B in the least if wonky sets itself free.

We aren’t trying to superglue screw-ups into our psyche. Even the worst martyrs I know find it a true bother to get bogged down for more than twelve years. However, this doesn’t preclude that earth, wind, fire, foul-flinging thoughts, and the occasional human fubuki won’t try to crack your firm core. Lately, I find my concrete center repeating a hefty loop related to patterns that have been me as long as time began ticking on my pre-adult spectrum. I’m charmed on one level that God thinks so much of me I’m given a lot of conversation space that lends me laughing over the consistency for value, career, and male tendencies that come my way. No matter what parts of the journey might flail or get your fortune flag flying, ignite a belief in the perpetual benefit of a commitment to combatting hazards.

Typically, I don’t meet opponents until I start playing around. My standard loyalty-cultivated affluent mindset requires me to melt the stresses juggled between a semi-dependable stream of positivity. Although this territory of humanness comes bound with noises that can earthquake-shake my sturdy security, it’s the cohesive thoughts I allow bubbling to my surface that create energy enough to kick any crowded negativity into crumbled bits that eventually fall away. Being Rocky like Balboa helps me stay on point, instead of turbulent as in a bad relationship or some proverbial road. These electrified jolts are deliberate actions. It’s up to each one of us for keeping a mature fluidity flowing within the durability of our own framework.

Two decisions frequently diverge in my woods and I’m known for taking the ones less traveled. You can manifest tenaciously from rubble or gilded guidelines alike. Even shit might have glitter in it at times. In spite of giving myself what appears to many as a flimsy whisper of substance, I prefer to honor the translation of guts and grit (with a dignified dessert of the finest extra helpings to get you by until the next stretch of nerve-wracking). Sincerity for who we honestly are and what becomes us will enlighten this path. True friends telling it like it is with a hint of sweetness always aids additionally. Happily crack yourself up with a lightness of humor at times, but mend any cracks in the heart of you. Better your bedrock with faithful respect of self. Solid favors the sound ones.

For the record, solid won’t solely come in one assumed appearance. Countless congealed squees of joy from me have protruded upon sailing high seas or dangling in thin air. I feel the solid rush of adrenaline just watching artful surfers carve a long-awaited swell. Then, in comes an emptiness and solid is the space with which we fill it back up. There are mountains and molehills, double rainbows or decadent splinters of living all laden with luscious room for rock-solid conviction in whatever way, shape or form you so choose.

May you inspire yourself to be steady as you go staying Solid as a rock.

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