Role Slaying

4 min readJun 27, 2022
Covered in Me, Photo from BradensEye Archives featuring She/Her/Hers

Self-ownership is sexy. Much ado about munching on the yummier facets that comprise your psycho-sensual to fleshly fetchingness. After all, you’re gonna be spending a whole heck of heaps of time with yourself. Therefore, I believe that we’re better off getting cozy with pimping out our personality package optimally aligned for our likings. What’s knocking your socks on could be stripping my quite needless clothing. Where you would surely end the looney cockeyed cat, I’ll dare that you stand its purrfect ground before we ever wantonly poke. No one can be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, we most positively should be tooting our individual horns to tangos. If you’re accustomed to showing up as straight-laced and are actually inclined to dirty your dance breaks with heavy-metaling then you’re putting out a poor ruse. The cure is to do the genuine you and nobody else but you. Mighty are they who are role slaying.

The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you. ~Bob Harris by Bill Murray, Lost in Translation

Targeting precision humaning requires fathoms of flaunting your intimate agency. Ad infinitum, will I consider striking resemblance one of the wealthiest mintings. To regard these vigilant dots of varied epic races to gender generosity-benders who’re stoked toward continually improving the genre of etching purity. A self-professed, in self-defense, self-developmentally moxie militia is the type of fighting I’d sooner fund lastingly. I find myself easily freed whenever I’m flanked by flocks of beings who raise a toast to my honesty. Breeds of all ages invariably divulge their secrets in my attendance. Just as I long to expose all of me. I’m an aristocratic lover and a best-selling author (trusting my future self to be, that is). Spontaneous romance is a top version of my mastery. Where sovereignty thinks it hides, I’ve become a world-renowned hunter.

I meet a lot of people who’re avoiding the identities they’d rather be. I inconveniently admit that there are plenty of potholes amidst the internal-actualization competition. Spunky to sporty or obediently looking twenty or forty or circuitously else when we’re definitively at another stage of destiny has its hazardous pulls. The sole soul you can alienate along your lifeline is you. So, I suggest not doing yourself any excessive mistakes through fading far from your…


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