Root for Each Other

What Comes Around Goes Around, Photo by BradensEye featuring Disney’s Tree of Life

I never need to know you to be able to love you. Caring isn’t a valet service reserved for the deep pocketbooks people. Nor solely for a VIP section of our population. The levels of encouragement we come DNA-designated to dole out with whatever eye-popping whimsy we wish is limitless. Our prowess for pumping up another’s universe doesn’t require any fancy elite degrees, a bank balance far above the two-digit range, or permission from Presidents of White Houses to corporations or companies. Oh, what a strangled snarling system we seldom seek to alleviate for ourselves. How we root for each other expresses the intricacy of our intimacy. The only stipulation for your applause of a person is that you believe in humanity. By trusting that you deserve heartening you should be willing to share the wealth openly. Let’s link our webs with faith.

the spirit, complex,
waiting in the fine darkness
to learn which way
it will go. ~
Grace Butcher, Learning from Trees, from Child, house, world

Whenever we crack the code of compassionate consciousness the complete canvas of the cosmos becomes our cheerleader. It wasn’t that I thought you had to be bothered with me. Instead, it’s why I’ve solicited extra personal sympathy for myself. I’ve found that my stamina for achieving the heights of shoveling justness tunnels from a surrender of separatism. Coming to your rescue isn’t a quota I loiter to fill after you’ve helped me out enough. Any more than an amount I’m called to aid in all the given opportunities I’ve done so compares to whether I’ll hope to continue to contort myself if we’ve ever met or not yet. To support the flush of petals to whichever caboodles of pride you might advance your attitude, I’d buckle in as many crusaders of charity as you can thrust into your engine of revival. The technology of our teachings is ingrained in our intelligence to weave.

Our world at large regurgitates solutions so much that revolutions commence as the pivotal means to societal expiry of living purgatory. We ravage our energy through unreasonable seizures of our ego. We place a persuasion of differences across dinner tables to mixed media signals. We’re glaringly as blasé as butter passed divergent to its rarity in developing countries about our lack of sponsoring sustenance globally. Aren’t you tired of tyrants to communities promoting polarity? A vicious faltering of jittery guns and cruel wars. Alongside scores of hourly burials that bitterly beat the souped-up board of a March Madness benchmark. When beneath the shudder of insanity lies a bed of connected resplendence. An elegant tapestry of life as we reside within it. Where wo/man, animal, and plant kingdoms collide between the tall trees to honey bees.

When your heart is broken
And the world has been unkind
I’ll pick up the pieces
And I’ll give you peace of mind. ~
Leon Patillo, Love Calling

Healing seems to be a bended knee recirculation for me. It’s a compliance of reliance upon the enamored efforts of feeling like furthering the matter besides oneself. Regardless of my contempt for negativity, hurdles hunt me. Forms from all walks of coercive corruption of man to cancer attempt to tamper with my soil. Surely there’s an astonishing array of customs to sully our psyche. But, the valor of our bespoke blessings for your fellow blood circulates your own chances for receiving stability. I want our downsides to constantly have space to coaster upward. Therefore, I’m convinced we must forage for friendly relationships similar to Mother Nature motivating a concert of the earthen composer to work with the veteran greenery to write a blues tune with the hues of breezy skies. Their lessons falling to cultured ears dwindle inferior disposition.

Theoretically preaching, the lover and the fighter are the same. Both speak of passion. Evenly, they’ll put eager to shame. You could try to argue either manner lands in trouble. Although, you’d be heralding a case of mistaken identity. Both talk a giant game. Except, there’s no contest. Ever the twain shall tango. Forever, their attraction inquires a custody of chivalry. It’s time to stop parading an invisibility of others in order to suit your (dis)abilities. Acclaim is for however you end up settling the cause. We ought to sink into seeing above beyond stressing. When I consider your view a part of me is born anew. Admittedly, I’m entangled by empathy, while raving with its emotions of ecstasy. The sooner we catch the train of granting goodness for souls surrounding us the better our disembarkations. Transformative transport accelerates the bigger our affable altitude.

May you grow stronger from being an individuals evangelist.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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