Lit Up with Intensity, Photo by BradensEye featuring Avenue LA

Love has no borders, no boundaries, nor separatist means. Although, plentiful factions will argue to all sorts of extremes for the right to define this unabated engine of effectiveness. Love merely calls on the sweethearts of devotion to worship with blended compassion. Love’s admiration is based on respect. Freedom for loving all that can be yours and choosing to follow it ought to be a cornerstone of our inherent proceedings. Every relation that ever could be has the potential for exacting and receiving lovingly. At loving’s core rests sacrificial ubiquity. The placeholder always posed to accept any size, shape, or scene. For the art to choose love is no small gadget of tinkering. Even when you love the tiniest bit, your action is sending tsunami-sized waves of generosity rippling across the universe. Evermore, love barters that you’re undividedly supplementing your streams with its hope to be repeated indefinitely.

Love is the doorway through which the human soul passes from selfishness to service. ~Jack Hyles

Her eyes bore into me. I saw myself mirrored in her steam, in addition to her dreams. The wonders floated inside me questioning whether I would be as dedicated to the preservation of others and justice in the face of such slaughter, especially with a daughter. Waad al-Kateab’s journey For Sama spoke volumes to me. Two weeks plus fifty years ago I finally popped into this planet. Unclear at the outset just how lucky my surrounding United States of American capacity. I was birthed without bombs exploding all around me. A superior rebellious vision of myself has manifested for decades as empathetically connecting via diverse ethnic, cultural, or religious profundities. It explains why, as I type this, I’m swaddled in the fashion of Sanskrit illustrations. One of love’s translations for me is coming to see others in varied countries. The same goes for accidentally meeting people along streets or anywhere.

Following the Syrian documentary feature, Waad and her producing partner engaged our acutely affected audience during a Q&A. After bleak reality, laughter, some promising prose, and amidst angry political assumptions that were brilliantly doused, they welcomed conversations at the front of the stage. Ordinarily, I’m not one to rush the VIP’s for one-on-one moments. Yet, I’d dawdled existing from my seat furthest top-tier back of the theatre, all the while watching the flocks of patrons excited to hire more intimacy of the guests’ air. They were kindly eager to continue opening their hearts as wide as the queries. So much so that as my exit path was about to join the stage floor, Waad wanted to be on level with everyone and nearly jumped to the floor. Her motion immediately set her eye-to-eye at my feet. Loving instinct took over as we both outstretched our arms to achieve this giant squeeze.

To see you going free…
The collar, of your loving ~
Greyboy featuring Bart Davenport, To Know You Is to Love You

The holding of an intentional hug is gargantuan lifeblood for me. One of the most righteous embraces I was graced to share so far in my living came so suddenly that evening of Waad’s epic Museum of Tolerance hosted film screening. As my tears welled and neither of us gave up the cling readily, I whispered a deep “thank you” for everything. That she held me and wanted to reflect this elegance left me wise well beyond my numeric years. Love doesn’t care that you’re embroiled in a war or sunbathing atop your yacht in Saint-Tropez. The act of loving is not meant for existentiality. Love doesn’t cozy with complicated things. What it does is to keep a sophisticated flame burning as light against the complex, serious, laborious, and burdensome severity of anything. Alternately, love is offering us to be geared in alignment with a perseverance of pardoning any harsh actuality.

Never cease to pay your lease on love. Raising the bars of loving is the most activist enthusiasm I wish to reach. For faithfulness with unbroken extents of your lovemaking flow is as kindred as everlasting honey for the bees. No matter the outliers from value to terror, love is the strong champion commander that will guide you to maintain going and growing. Roaming our lives or thoughts extensively gives a presence of popularity for where we may be endowed in the pools of love. I’ve been proud to shy whenever exhibiting my own loving parade. Accordingly, the purity of sentimental amour is stoked within a sympathy of trust. Be it a hug, tendering my time for another in need, or travels to a novel space for learning, it’s realizing that love tags along infinitely. What we do that is brimming with love is our genuine humanity. If you must surrender, let it be to love.

United State of Peace, Selfie practicing my Middle Eastern swing

May you note that the only thing forbidden in your loving is inability.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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