I Sea Potential, Photo by BradensEye

Everything comes down to your angle. The way I discern it, there’s no way we’d ever have been given the tableau if participation was off the table. There’s nary a mountain you shouldn’t attempt climbing at least some chips of or in the least gaping in awe at their feet. I theorize that any body of water able to hold a boat is worth sailing that sucker upon its gliding wings. Just as dreams are candescence for scrutiny, I declare mutiny on anyone incomplete of inquest’s pace. Every challenge is merely a conquering. All tests reveal themselves as a dawning of the guardian grace. The totality of universal ventures is why you forge your personal rules. How you press and where you press on satisfy a libido only you’re designed to suffocate or accelerate. As I sea~see life, it’s an illustrious fête de possibility. One occurs not simply for settling, but instead for the ambient abandon of tracing the trickles of exalted space.

The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. ~Brooks Atkinson

Approach rarely escapes me. I figure it’s best to leave the concept of ‘one’ to the man upstairs or doting on my future husband. Unlimited is what we’ve been served with extra helpings of immeasurable. Anytime I’m screwing up or someone to something seems out to get me, I try to dive a little deeper within me. Analogous to ocean functioning, my nativity has parlayed a transparency of trust. I know there’s Athanasian quality to maintenance of our moments. We don’t lack alternatives. We do short ourselves by failing to select electives. There’s never a solo manner of sleeping, with whom we’ll fall hopefully in love with or the variety of famous animals, as all can keep increasing. Likewise, it’s kids marching in uniform, as if that will ever remain. It’s my rebel yell meets your Chilean Boléro joining a hip-hop grunge wave. Putting such throttle to the atmosphere is where I want to stay.

Undoubtedly, the intrigue of heart-thumping dalliances will passage your personal coastline. We spend a heavy portion of aliveness witnessing the wakes to walls to surfs up around doting no matter the strength of the tides. A lot of the impediments ravaging my headspace during this isolationist regime have to do with poor models of my prior execution rearing their servitude to desolate depression. As if I ever thought that by keeping indoors would stall their prosperity. But, hark! I’ve been eavesdropping on ease. I’ve summoned a spell that equips any tragedy with a caveat of clemency. Every limb we extend resources repair. Meaning, it’s pointful how much you hug impossibilities. We’ll lose and watch others benefit. We’ll want and we’ll receive sometimes. It’s the parallel of seaing your whole world as a giant pool of opportunity.

It’s itching to conquer and take you
Itching to make a mistake out of you ~
Drive-By Truckers, A Blessing and a Curse

Utilizing your mishaps is actually groundbreaking advancement. For example, with each accidental romantic setback, I set my sights on seafaring. While love can be so very strange, an aquatic blanket completely chills me out. Scrupulously checking life out is about not getting too hitched to the hazards of expectation. It’s where we snare the obstacles and smoosh them into advantages. With some trailing shreds of anxiety, we’d set out for my second surfer lesson date. Yet, the winds howled too fiercely and the breaks weren’t cooperating. Though, tensions disappeared as we pulled away from the wharf for a boating day. We plunged between islands inside the great sapphire blue’s alluring abyss. We went swimming with sharks, sea turtles, and so many fish. A stingray jubilantly skipped above the surface to close our sunning show. Admiring what’s feasible brings classy cadence.

Eternally encircling you are abundant prophecies. Land by air to seas is jammed with all sorts of chances. Believing that our Earth time is teeming with plenteous riches is part of how I keep my sanity packed neatly. The vastness of our oceans’ dimensions is a metaphor pertaining to the levels of compensation when we live limitlessly. When you’ve given yourself enough space to differentiate the fact that infinity is on your side. Even if you might not get to literally see every pound of the planet you’re hoping to in this lifetime. The swell you’re going for is the wellness of hospitable adoptions mindset. Coronaland is no less prolific of a platform for phasing all elements of your playground. Eating the oyster is wildly different than the sincerity of you seeing it beneath the sea and choosing to pluck it for dinner. Sooner or later you should wipe your friction with macro mellowing.

Let’s bury the need to think we ain’t got options, dear people, and cheerlead our ability to succeed.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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