Shame Reframing

4 min readJun 3, 2022
A Shmattering of Shame-Freeness, Photo by BradensEye featuring one of her favs Rice to Riches

Disgrace is an awful taste. Our decency ought never be derailed. Yet, tons of minutes throughout our days and lifetime whole are spent rotating insanity in our brains. We’re easily suckered into assuming we’ve made grievous mistakes. When, in fact, it’s frequently our natural instincts stepping in to care for us. Recurrently, our vivacity will be tested by some sort of moody blues raining on our parade. Whereupon, our spirit usually kicks into grappling mode. Since tackling the hunk of self-sustainability tends to be a savage monster, we commonly opt for those wee hefty hangovers. While it could be the drink, I’m equally inferring the aftereffect of overeating, excess or unhealthy sexing, internet devices to eyeball-draining binging of all ilk, or essentially any incriminating evidences in the much category. Therein, bring on the need for re-interpretation. Shame reframing is the fittest aerobics I’ve ever sensed.

I’m not ashamed of being anything. ~Malcolm X by Denzel Washington, Malcolm X

YO, self, living in respect is hip! It’s all about where you’re coming from or, I should affirm, going to inside of your mind. Thoughts often preclude our appetite. Whether this is actual edibles, says the utmost foodie in me, or the hankering for not opening your phones or computer screens to check messages and setting yourself outdoors for an extended hike instead. Sometimes we declare a break from our regularly scheduled patterning. Other epochs, the universe can reign in to settle a version of recess for us willingly or a lack thereof. However, we seldom cut ourselves the slack to fully enjoy these moments. Being alive is hard enough as a paradigm by itself. Bodies merely existing have already earned the right to spoil themselves here and again. Enlightening our heady savant who has a tendency to fall asleep is an intellectual wellspring of goodness.

Oh, the divinity of indulgence! You’re wealthy if you remember that healthy includes the resiliency of extravagance. It’s the art of feeling into your fragmented bits to occasionally sneak in snacks of preferability. You know you’re exercising nutritious choices whenever the tingles of relaxation take hold. Your human wants of recreation to amusing repose are a lenience I trust we came to this planet to learn to tolerate. Within our unduly fast-paced enterprising landscape lay the wilds of letting go. It’s…


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