Silly Theory’s Secret Sauce

Silly is Awesome Selfie with TUYA Drew

Silly can set the pace for a life full of hilarious sweet ease. There are quite a few things I’m willing to be and silly is most definitely one of them. Silly is its own dogma. The silly theory has a secret sauce called innocence. Dropping into silly mode can save a dreadfully boring or tense moment. Silly is the only source for many youngins I know. Silly is a space of freedom, an ideology of joy, and a strategy against mediocrity.

The correlation of silly and innocence is all too often lost on that transition from childhood to adulthood. We begin to believe we must only dress, talk, act, react, plan, think, and be proper, professional, mature and wise. Yet, our innocence is like a rare bird that brings the fruits of its song to transform the predators into prey, quiet the crying babies, and beautify the landscape. Being silly requires innocence to breed and blossom. A best friend and I used to laugh ourselves out of breath making long lists of silly names to rhyme with the store Piggly Wiggly — Siggly Giggly and so on. Channeling your childlike innocence is thought to lead you to success. And, near all of us are chasing success of one form or another!

Creating from silly squashes stuffiness, which I think breathes life into things. I trust that silliness gives me an edge up against the average doers in business. My willingness to play, be positive, cuddle with stuffed animals, accept unicorns and mystics, wear wild outfits, make interesting art, and break into singing randomly (even though I cannot carry a tune well at all) gives me special credit for helping to build brands, ideas, concepts, and coordinated fun. Being silly is one of the reasons I fell in love with festivals like Burning Man the first time I encountered the vibe. Not only was there silly, there was permission for silly, and throngs of people fully tapped into their silly. The innocence of being oneself without reservation was palpable and magical. That culture of being your authentic self, full of and sharing silly if you like, sticks with me in my everyday.

I’ve cooked up this mighty batch of silly to poke fun with parts of your mind that you may have left untouched far too long. Remember a time when you were purely silly. Like the time I wore an oversized rainbow-colored onesie bunny outfit to go grocery shopping. There are multiple beach days I’ve played water gun sports with youngsters and let them bury me in the sand. One of the best nonprofits I know provides service days on their Do Good Bus, which usually incorporates some silly fun like stopping in the middle of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to high-five as many people that are willing. Anytime I meet a swing, no matter a typical children’s playground or a lone swing hanging from a tree, I eagerly sit in for a big silly swing. I love to swing high, wiggle left to right while going front to back, and watching the toddlers and other kids flock to my silly energy.

With a silly theory in check, you can’t go wrong. Silly simply doesn’t conform to rights or wrongs. Silly loosens all those tightly packed marbles in your head. Maybe your corporate office needs a water balloon fight or a face painting party. Silly aches to run through the sprinklers catching temporary rainbows. Silly faces bring light into dark times and give Halloween a good run or its money. Silly oozes superbness in writing too. Foolhardy, and much adored by me, poet Shel Silverstein’s ‘Merry’ is still one of two poems only I can recite by heart. It’s a silly share about the lack of Christmas on March 25th.

Merry… by Shel Silverstein

Placing still theory atop your list will sort your funks and color those dull black moods. Silly turns blah, blue, and stuck into momentum, flashes of genius, and the simplicity we all need as more fun. Silly begs you to find a rooftop, rock peak, butte (I just like saying that one, so wanted to type it), or mountain summit to dance upon like no one is watching, or with a most awesome friend who doesn’t care what your limbs look like stretched to the heavens and flailing all about. Silly regards unicorns as obvious, jesters as masters of thought, and would likely ride a horse to any event over taking a car.

Swear by your silly and I know life will show you it’s best-kept secrets galore!

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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