Social Distancing = Social Connecting

From My Heart to Yours, Selfie

Now is the time your love is needed majorly. In this order: self-love followed by love of all that exists outside of yourself. Our living is a collective effort affair. There’s no singularity. You’re not on this planet solo. I don’t care what crevice you’ve crawled in or hidden away from any period to presently, we’re glued to the same gravity. So, the sooner you act like it then better off we all get to be. (un)Welcome the crossroads of our calamity bonding. The global pandemic virus isn’t taking sides. It’s not partisan leaning nor gender-biased. COVID-19’s deception is universally disarming. For the first instance in our modern lives, we’re being asked as a whole world together to pay attention to the same thing. Sure, countries, states, politicians to pop stars and some people have wanted and gotten their limelight historically. But it’s never been an everyone game. I pray you heed the positivity paradigm offer that social distancing equals social connecting within the confines of our new ecosystem.

What I love most about staying home to self-quarantine is who I share it with.

The number of videos and old-school audio conversations I’m savoring with family to friends has rapidly surpassed my Instagram social media daily activity. A recent morning I managed a call with nineteen girlfriend goddesses from my tight-knit Los Angeles populous. The sheer choice for all gathering was a gorgeous exercise in processing intensity through enthusiasm potency. One had to have her partner reapply her tooth crown that popped off, as the dentist gave instructions by phone since the office was closed! Rumors of teens trending a coughing-on-produce stunt enraged each of us. Asking baby sitters to bring a change of clothes was an interesting intelligence takeaway. Harnessing the soul of flash mobbery mixed with mankind unity, Opera singer Laura Baldassari opened her Milan window to join in. Consider what things you might teach or support remotely for someone, a family, a shelter or community members in need. Maybe yoga or Analytic Geometry is your specialty. Choose an hour or more a day to explore where this fits.

Quite evenly, the generations leaping has been a keen reminder for me. Once upon my youth, we lived without today’s modern technologies. As I’ve texted with my German godmother instantaneously, a wistfully wise meme shudders her energy: “To those who are complaining about the quarantine period and curfews, just remember that your grandparents were called to war; you are being called to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. You can do this.” She’s only one of my live witnesses. On par, my outgoing spirit is applauding the revolutions of design creativity that meet us currently. On a FaceTime call with a bestie who’s just getting into the tech flow because it’s been upgraded from useful to vital, we discussed online dating. A minor bummer for my hopes of union to align with an Aussie hubby while cavorting for my 50th stuck overseas. Though, I suspect the nudie photos distribution influx will rival the baby boom come December (not that I’m advising). Alternatively, the non-contact dating scene bonus is that it automatically prevents the contraction of STD’s.

Love is the new money
I’m mentally wealthy…
Clear the room kill the hate
Love is the new wave ~
Teyana Taylor, We Got Love ft. Ms. Lauryn Hill

Potentially, you could be the other side of the coin ~ in serious need. Bounteous unselfishness is liberating anytime I feel, but markedly during extreme crises. I’m ambitiously idealistic that my thirst for positive stories perks your ears like mine. Combing the Nextdoor digest or the myriad of Zoom opportunities curates the heartbeat of humanity for this climaxing. Whether someone is lending their 2000 watt generator for free to providing “an extra bale of TP [toilet paper]. If someone is in need” or instructing hula hooping on screen for all able to tune in to see, our tremendous losses are encountering civilization’s champion DNA. Louis Vuitton is focusing on hand sanitizer compared to perfume. I adore reading about name brand chiefs like Patagonia’s billionaire playing it safe plus paying his employees while they’re not working. Charity leaders are targeting their reach, such as my friend Andre Angel’s TangoTab USA Texas efforts to perhaps your own city. While my beloved Studio Samuel philanthropy ‘family’ is ensuring our care workers have iPads at home and are assigned a group of our girls to keep directly in touch within their Ethiopian region.

We don’t have to make this a Titanic. You can have your drama moments of grieving, so long as you don’t bash my humorous tilting. While there’s absolutely zero funny business related to pain or death, I do trust that a good balance of cognitive margins promotes greater peaceful cooperation. We’re able to get loads out of the unknown length of this procedure in lieu of panic-thinking. You can be the calm force-field to shield the madness from overtaking anyone from your aging loved ones or anxiety-ridden friends to coworkers crunching bad numbers individually. If you’re stellar in the remote-working realm give away free tips. You can be boldly redecorating, scoring big New Years’ resolution cleaning points or possibly finding the dreamboat you’ve been waiting to receive using real dialogue to get to know them first (gulp, did she comment about talking before sexuality and spending money?!). Why, just look around, as niftiness abounds with Jackbox group gaming to Imperfect Foods eating a healthier way. Summarizing emergencies invites self-realizing one’s imagination ingenuity, heartstrings range, and creative play.

Let the space between your distances be filled with gigantic grace.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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