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Endlessly Wearing My Light and My Dark, Selfie

It’s all about putting out. Another one is about to bite the dust. Now, before you cock-eyed souls wallop me with your exclusively devious sexually-minded tendencies, lean in for a better listen to me speaking worlds of wisdom way beyond such simplistic means. This is a preaching as in whatever we put out — kindness, effort, determination, openness, faith, trust, desire, meaning, love — all comes back to reflect and show up for us in these same ways. Sure, sex is included for those needing that to be a focus. If we put out anger, hatred, or negative nonsense else, that will hunt us down too. Consider this a reminder about the basics.

As we turn the page to a new set of yearly digits to memorize, write on our checks and paperwork correctly, and give over to our annual history books, there’s space to trounce the uglies into the finest ash, delight in the potency, or do a welcome dance for newness that may arise. Fare thee well any topsy-turvyness and may gentle anthems guide everyone forward. Some of us may be shoveling this fated abomination out all doors we can access in truckloads, or many laughing at the silly little snake bits that trailed through the past months, while still others are entranced with the harmonious rhythms lingering. Gathering the last specks of this year, I bid all eternally reflective ripples to encounter the savior faire in every morsel you melt with, just the same as those you have to muscle your way through.

When we are delivered greatness in any form, we seek for it to stay forever. But what of the things that don’t last? What seems to suit you this season may not remain a lifetime. Maybe you’ll cast off old favorites and slink cozily into something fresh. Vedic Trimūrti philosophy is a poignant reminder of the cycles life lobs our way. No one is void of the three manifestations that circle round over and again — creation to maintenance to destruction, and back again to creation. If like me, you’ve felt stuck in destruction a while, you may find a yielding to be around the corner to build beautifully anew. Every day, whatever you’re wearing can even denote meaning. My dear friend Ella offers a playful look at the significance of colors that match days of the week in her WeWearDays Instagram.

There is a universal law of calm, patience, and belief needed. We cannot go stomping around and anticipate these things will show up magnificently in spades just because we’re being kind once or trusting today only. This is more about how we are wholly. When we give space for listening intently to all sides, points of view, inklings of indication, what’s crafted for us is the very mode of expeditiously accepting into being entire worlds of wisdom necessary for a clever life. In the least, we arrive at a gimmick to get our guts through the darkness in combination with the light.

I dove somewhat backward and head first into the deep end of my favorite breathwork this month focused on our light versus dark and especially what in the world ‘Holy Dark’ means to each of us. Yet, it’s not merely as you may assume. A dark night of any soul conjures a web of distinctions that offer a scale of principles about what dark may infer. The path of darkness strikes many footsteps, from the insides of depression to the darkness of what our womb beginning may be until birthed, our shadow selves, or the pitch blackness aspects of our universe and the meditation moments we take in the dark with our eyes closed, as well the shame we might project dear Mary was affixed with surmounting.

Here is why I think Mother Mary sang so loudly and proudly to many over time. Because we’re all in this same dark and therefore have access to the same light if we so choose. It’s not so much the perpetual happy pill to chase as the embracing with grace any darkness. Give your souls the opportunity to acknowledge your all and in that freedom of authenticity you’ll flip the lights back on soon enough. The more we do Let It Be, the easier waves wash over us. It’s all a process of learning how not be afraid of the dark.

Navigating our meantime is the meat of all light and dark matters. This is that limbo period until you’re back in a flow or when something bigger is coming or your (next) purpose starts lining up, but this stage you must pass through. When we wise up to confidence, reliance on our truth connects us back to the possibility of light. Equally, standing strong in the wicked times, allows the permeation of darkness to bear fruit instead of war inside each of us. I’ve always been a fan a righteous tales, and the famed fire test of Sita boldly walking without burning is a gutsy contemplation for knowing the soul can never burn. Therefore, the value of everything we have — our dark along with our light — falling away together connects us back to pure self perpetually shining through.

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”MacDonald Carey, Days of Our Lives

Whether your sands fall fast, heavy, slowly, sweetly, darkly, lightly, or be stuck in the middle at times, give each granule capacity to encompass all it’s meant to teach you. Hold on to the growth your personal garden may bloom if you only give it room to do so. If there be but one intention and resolution, may yours be faith. Let faith be your albatross. Allow faithfulness to be an essential ingredient to untethering yourself from the task of darkness. Bear lightness by symbolically removing the weight of anything dark for banishing the fear that comes with constantly being afraid. If life is but a perpetual ride, may yours whip through brilliant skies, top-down, sun up, wind in the hair, and plenty of happiness raining down upon you, while your rear view mirrors gleam accomplishments.

Cheers to blazing into a new year reboot, restart, resolve to succeed with all that comes your way!

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