Step-Monstering Master Motto, Photo by BradensEye

Motivation is an arrogance worth getting behind. If you’re going to bother being pompous, I’m going to suggest you arc that sucker on the spectrum of stepping up. It’s when we’re stretching our limits for incentivizing best interests of ourselves and all others that true fulfillment alights as brightly as Disneyland’s Princess Castle fireworks under a breezy summer’s ever. A creamiest conviction settles in your aura like the perfectly warm Phyllo-wrapped baked Brie that would even make Betty Crocker’s undies moist. Amplifying positivity accelerates all the lazy cells in your body to become as sparkly as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Regardless of your love or lack of love for sports and skin-tight costumes bouncing around your living room television, I’m speaking about electric energy that comes with choosing a life where you aim to be a booster beacon.

I’m a firm believer in stepping your mother f*cking game up. ~ Author Unknown

Everyone deserves to wallow in earthly delights. The only plateaus I prefer to ponder are streaked with the hubris of a giddy child doubling over with laughter as the merry-go-round tosses their limbs sideways and they walk off feeling the tilt of is all that’s right with the world. Simultaneously, it’s weirdly easy for me to obsess over any level of happiness I might effect into another’s life. I’ve got this innate tick where I want to pleasure others intensely (minds out of the gutter please). The point I have to stop to remind myself is being certain induce some awesome my own way. Plenty of instances abound where I’m poured my everything into people and projects outside of me, leaving little room to accentuate my own positive when needed. Suitable stepping up includes learning the art of stepping into your own way.

All the while, an impulse to step up isn’t instilled in everyone. I’ve lost count of the number of comfort zones that got squished into asteroid-obliterating confetti-like litter streams during my worldly moments. Sometimes you’re required to step out of your perceived perpetual pleasant place in order to supersize what you thought was your limit of gratification for self or for that extra hairy neighbor you thought was looking at you funny only he lost an eye in combat fighting for your country, as well your consideration to support saving a small country whose name you never learned in 1970’s era geography noting they were still gobbled up by some major political order clashes until decades fought independence eventuality (go Eritrea, circa 1991). Whether torpedoes across oceans or next door, reaching beyond what you’ve always worked within coaxes infectious encouragement.

When you go out of your comfort zone and it works, there’s nothing more satisfying. ~ Kristen Wiig

A most supreme stepper-upper in my realm is an ultimate in the colloquial sense — my ‘step-monster’, aka my stepmother (fondly called as a prank upon a favored teen movie of mine St. Elmo’s Fire). Always accepting my calls with giant dashes of Italian flair ‘Bella’ this and that, she has stepped up my wisdom to give new meaning to the word family over these twenty-plus years of her brewing a concoction with my dad I never saw coming. She’s a brilliant highlight to this storyline, as she rather eloquently mimics my own spontaneous gifting of vibrant love bumps to others. Her ease with sharing poignantly attuned affirmations out of the blue, a line of poetry or divined hand-painted artwork to remind my go-go-go behavior to pause long enough to take back a large piece of me I might have been winging too far upon the winds has solidified our friendship over time.

I wasn’t willing to like her when the romance started after my parents’ divorce. One of my earliest memories was of her parading around in her thong bikini during a shared Palm Springs vacation with me, my dad, and my then-tumultuous boyfriend was hard for me to defuse. It makes me giggle wildly now, only that I love a good thong bikini and the feeling it evokes when I can confidently sashay anywhere in one. She was high on life and love. Anyone unwilling to step up applauding that deserves a swift whack to their head! A smug unfolding has continued ever since. Her birthday is today, earmarking us together as fellow Aquarians (mine having just passed January 31). We both adore quoting Buddha, keeping up a yoga practice, nature walks, worshipping cats along with all living creatures, and loads about writing.

Indulging in breaking through what rubs you wrongly to get to the most well-lubricated wetting your whistle is a metaphoric stepping up à la stepping out sublimity celebration I wish to reassure you is spirited with rewards. Not in the least, a best vestige of my step situation between myself and my step-friend/mom has the literal impression of stepping artfully traced in its nurturing. I travel the globe as often as able. My dad and his wife have supported my adventures as deeply as most of the rest of my family. Because she has a serious thing for shoes, especially walkers of such a color and comfort range, she’s been known to share her over-abundance on occasion. Thereby, I’ve figuratively walked in her footsteps all over this blessed planet. She’s stepped up my wanderlust game with her generosity. While I’ve kept the stepping up stride to trail enhanced merriment as much as possible wherever I go.

Let happy bombs lead all your stepping up ways.

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