Stop. Drop. And Play!

Swimming in Play on the High Seas, Selfie with a Soul Sister

Play is a priority. Play is what will flip your manic switch. Play is where you begin your gospel of hope. Play accepts you just as you are. In the land of play, there are all colors, races, creeds, kinds, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Play doesn’t discriminate. Play celebrates you and all possibility. Play is that place where you feel at home no matter what else is spinning on your outsides or insides.

Play has no boundaries. It can literally take place outdoors, indoors, buried in your mind, or full tilt on the winds swooshing you all about. Play is where I get my groove on, let my hair down, strike up a daring conversation, think far beyond the box to skyscraper level, and it’s how I calm my nerves. Play may involve dressing up or dressing down. Play keeps all things sparkly and shiny in business. Glitter, temporary tattoos, dancing in the rain, and spontaneous giggles are all friends of play. Play invites you to paint your personality with the breezy ease of carefree connectedness.

Starting life we so often want to be grown up already. Then when older we pine for our youth. There’s magic in the waffle of these notions. It’s play! Play is to sanity what sex is to baby-making. They exist because of one another. For added effect, to me, play is what salt is to seawater, cheese is to hamburgers, and therapy is to salvation. Living apart from these delicacies is no life to me. When we allow play into our existence it’s a form of turning over the angst, hardship, insecurity, and foibles to a jester. We immediately lighten up.

Play looks at the looming monster, cocks its head sideways, and declares that big hairy thing gives us a hug! Play converts scary to silly. Play is also uber protective. Play plays it safe. Play prevents the wicked wobbles of panic that seek to engulf me when I’m out of work, out of love, feeling out of sorts, out of time or money, and when lacking my personal shine. Play is why I even have faith.

A dear friend re-introduced play into my consciousness lately. I was shuffling through a verbal vomit vent with this dear girlfriend who lives miles away. I shared about this incredible vision I’d had during a workshop with the stellar Larisa Stow. During the meditative journey, I was shown a regal glowing purple robe, such as a Queen and King would wear. I was told that this robe was a symbol of me wearing patience. It meant that patience was dear to everything I wanted and needed. However, it also inferred that patience was unlike my human translation. It wasn’t merely the act of being patient and managing my time or reactions so well. In fact, it was telling me that in the realm of universal patience there is no timeline. Therefore not beholden to time, patience is a matter of trust.

Here is where my girlfriend reinserted the timeless ‘play’ conviction. I must believe all will work out for me in order for it to work out for me. I needed to ‘let go’ and get back to playing around. Trust is all about giving up the tightness, the hold, suffocation, worry, and any fretting over what might not be and what is now. Which conveniently lands us right back to play! Play is the balance point on the teeter totter. Play is that fulcrum settling spot to keep you from falling off poorly, bending out of whack, or jumping to peril. Play will give you enough wiggle to be brave, take chances, go farther or the distance. Play is gonna save you from heart-attacks and heartbreaks if you use it well.

Recently I’ve engaged in superior play with others, for others, and solely for me. I romped through BhaktiFest with the most spiritually synched sisters and brothers I know. I cranked my mermaid vibes, wasn’t bothered one stitch who was watching me swish my hips all over the place and invited anyone to join, as so many cared to. From toddlers to elders we jammed as one. With a special group of friends, we created and celebrated ‘Donnieman’, a mini Burning Man version for a dear friend in serious injury rehabilitation the famed week he was planning to be in the desert. I’ve never seen a care facility staff so adoring and impressed. They were gushing over the joy we thoughtfully put into this friend, as well as how we decorated so vibrantly and cleaned the space (*Leave No Trace). And, for me personally, I gifted myself a special work trip to a top travel spot on my list for decades: Montenegro. A round-the-globe econo-ticket crazy travel jet-set via Moscow’s airport, where just shy of a week I attended a devoted sustainability forum about combatting modern day slavery and trafficking. Yet, the experience was silhouetted by Adriatic Sea swims, so much sailing my lungs were replenished for ages, and memories to last my life book through future me’s.

The value of acting various ages is where play glistens. Stop the nonsense when it begins raging. Drop all those pretenses and assumptions. Rely on play and it will make you whole (again). Get unglued from the you that gets in the way of the happy you. Dolphins do it. So can you!

Stop. Drop. And play like your life depends upon it.



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