All Q’d Up, Photo by BradensEye from a top of the world featuring the Alaskan wilderness

Questions are the treasures for healthy-minded souls. Curiosity keeps us in check. By letting inquisitiveness run our roost, we’re looking inward for classifying everything to see what fits us like a glove or might be strangling our favored mobility ease. Yet, you can’t so easily ask for what you don’t quite know. An everlasting array of examinations will permeate humanity. Intentionally enlightening ourselves through the realization to continue wondering until we hit upon standards that rock us each individually is where corresponding solutions arise. Resolutions remind me of our sacral chakra. While confrontational queries can dance day after day, I’ve detected that summer is for sorting oneself supremely. Tons of us having the style to loosen our schedules during the sunshiney season serves to open our spiritual analysis most swimmingly. The greater our fluidity the more lively we’re able to be.

The minute we begin to think we have all the answers, we forget the questions. ~Madeleine L’Engle

Life ~ It’s not a contest, but a series of infinite musings. In actuality, we are our biggest competitors. We frustratingly position ourselves against others. Why we ordinarily weaken the instant another human is included has a lot to do with our dependence on external addictions. Where we’re not matched is when friction cultivates. Flowing along is pretty neat, but doesn’t ever guarantee it’s gonna remain. Remembering to survey yourself consistently might save you a lifetime of controversy. By being shrewdly interested in our infrastructure we’re providing layers of loyalty for peaking the love of our crowning self. Arriving at the points in which we start to adequately probe internally often requires enough space to accumulate the need for study in the first place. This involves both physical and mental leeway. When we have the air plus room to breathe our personal organization is accentuated.

Spoiling the gross maximum for what suits us dignifiedly is a vibrational consolation prize. Searching this out can be a very happy reflection. I’ve covered snippets from intense overlooks, hiked to many mountain summits, or dug up dainty elements in the residue of finely eroded seashells. In the silence of singular sand exclusive friend moments to surly sweating before the pinnacle perfection, I’ve found retorts to some of my deepest interrogations. Stillness is far from stifling. I think there’s something about foraging that speaks to framing our sanity. When I dig my hands into the earth’s beachy granules or her dark soils, just as I trod across her back or park to peer into her core, I awaken a peace of myself. The same happens whenever I’m expressing my truth with anyone trusted. Therein, I’m receiving the order of arranging my courage of confidence at the top of my list.

Who gets to say?
Who gets to work and who gets to play? ~
The Stranglers, Always the Sun

The quicker we’re sourcing our irrefutable authenticity the less crunching our consequences become. Credibility canoodles with one’s consciousness. That summery period when holidaying turns damper into scrumptious cake-baking levels satisfies all kinds of urges inside of me. When the rays of daylight billow all around, beckoning my addition to their party, I’m animated to an indivisible degree. There’s an unbounded nature to the execution summering culminates for my psyche. It’s this location of buoyancy anointed. Permissions prove to be pleasing patterns. Recreation is complimentary. Perched in isolation enthralled with a book in a private nook is a contrarily assumed ‘of course’. Every beautiful activity prays for me to stay. Withal is a chance to listen in to my lifelong conclusions. Whereabouts to balance my grind versus breaks? Who wants my cooking, my family, my sex, my connection?

Collecting ourselves isn’t a one-time event. Instead, we ought to wrap our heads around the idea that gathering our intimate intel is representative of the ripple we’re meant to be. However, nabbing the bandwidth to deal with ourselves can be overwhelming. Sporting steady shaping entails concentration. We’re creatures who allow the silliest to severe to gnaw away our senses. Moreover, I’m economically preying on our emotions to note that I believe vacation mode gives us a slightly more guarded sanctuary to reveal our innermost hungers to hallucinations. Supplying ourselves landscapes filled with easygoing to fun leaves a run on unruffled impulses. All obstacles shrink with the sound of unforgettably tingling invitations. Spotting when our vulnerability strives to frolic reaches our vitals promptly. Hereby, plausible marries cause with positive effect. Picking your sunniest conditions is prime real estate.

May your chosen flavor of the year ripen any faith you lack for your sureties.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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