Summer of Sobriety

4 min readJun 19, 2020
Think About All the Meaning, Photo by BradensEye staring at the nightly upper abyss courtesy of Africa

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. Refraining from cruelties cradles empathy. We’re pronto scarfing one helluva calamity sandwich. Actually, suffice to say, there’s hardly a nutrient getting through due to all the choking (analogy to far too many souls most certainly intended). This uproarious ride renders us looking for a lifting of our falsely-esteemed inflated USA country. Wrought with illegalities, we’ve gained stature amidst ages of antics marked by such wrong-doing. The equivalent of an infant moving into using its voice to form relatable words, life around us seems it might be ready to listen… finally. Faced with a summer of sobriety we may turn our stigmas into passages of loving relief. As the whole of our globe keeps spinning its routine, although moreover amplifying that whirling gyration especially during 2020s inebriation, it’s high time we habituate gluttony getting in massive shape.

If you want resurrection, you must have crucifixion. ~Joseph Campbell, A Joseph Campbell Companion

We must be wicked smart and capable of blaming our crassness. There’s oddity seeing beach scenery hues amidst roller-coaster views that we’ve likely imprinted prior with flying grace. We’ve gotten away with murder. Literally ~ over and again, again, again. We’ve enslaved only to moan ‘poor me’ when we’re far from the ones in need. Yet, many are now reacting with shocking waves of convulsion pulsing colors that don’t quite match the familiar colors: unsettled blue, gross green, rageful red, and noble black. Today’s Juneteenth could ultimately be our pivot point. This girl can hope. Find yourself impelled to the rapt glances of logic mixed amongst eyes of those you know well to those anew you’ve dared to meet. Consider well the wars on the internet raging against the backdrop of our backyards, but playing us with the green screen ‘reality’. There is no correct sleeping. Awake is the singular option.

In order to create proper dreaming, everyone shall strut with equality. Minds of generational trauma are fluttering their wings among us begging for redemption. Instead of roving from stages of disillusionment, I think our echos of a past unresolved can become vows of history-making chastity. On the heels of pragmatic knottiness tying up our (USA) country’s integrity, not to mention the global repercussion of similarity, we shall overcome purely by…


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