Swerving Your Serving

Ancestral Cause and Effect, Photo affectionately from BradensEye Family Archives

Presidentially implies being adorned in dignity and confidence. Ironically, the two traits don’t hold tight for more than a few of our world’s Presidents. All too often, any of us take liberty far beyond freedom of benefit for all to swerving our serving a wee close to ego’s home banks. In tribute to leaders and layman alike, any of us that is, who’d lay their coat down upon the muddied rainy ground for someone to cross in comfort, join me for this hip-hip-hooray today about how to angle the serving you think you may be doing toward best interests of your fellow family, friends, lovers, fighters, strangers, and even most Presidents.

Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others. ~H. Jackson Browne, Jr.

Countries are like companies. An astute business model is necessary to keep a united populous and its economy out of major troubles. If anyone let their staff run amuck like kindergartens during a recess hour every day, we’d likely all be facing perilous existence. That said, it still astounds me to read reports that at least 80% of humanity lives on $10 a day. The crusader in me feels if statistics can be garnered, where time, effort in someone’s pay, and resources are used, then we ought to obsessively create betterment for the collective advantage. Service for the irrepressible courtesy lot of them all, and not solely the one, is exactly where the line of dignified doings and confident being align.

I see good people. Even though I’ve got caring coursing through my veins like butterscotch meandering a sweet-toothers smorgasbord, I spend a lot of wishes on the aim to dehydrate the poor thoughts of negativity mongers and replace them with a super magnified dose of positivity. Sometimes I think if we could only spray humility far enough to touch every single person then the euphoric narrows of abundance would widen to bring all into the fold. And in the same way I have never envisioned myself the President of a country anymore than a beauty queen, car mechanic or Nobel Prize-winning mathematician, giving the spaces to uphold the distinctions we each offer inside the similarity of one nation under the same God as any other empire under that same sunny spectacle is where it counts.

Squashing the inner sinner who seeks to submerge your sympathetic serving is key. Anytime I’m about to falter backward into a swerving of my servicing kindness mode, I strike up a conversation with my liveliest angels. These special souls have passed to whatever that other ‘side’ is (if you believe in sides). No matter when or where I consider them to be, I’ve got a vibrant dialogue that seems to launch between myself and any one of them usually without excessive effort from me. My ‘Omma’ (grandmother in the mom camp whom I’m named after and called by along with her mom and my mom) energetically flicks me on the back of my wrists or my spine tingles. She was so proper and put together, she effectively reminds me to regard what others will think of my actions. Grandma (grandmother in the dad realm who I received my first name from that matches my other grandmom’s first name too) is my prominent path and peace marker beacon. These women, coupled with a master teacher and healer Rheana, team with an array of epic others from a dear love Brian to my mentor Eddie Foy.

Debunking the apathy code of unethical operations that have dawned far too many eras is a revolution to approve. Whether you’re primed for any Presidential sweep or simply want to make a difference in your home, community or elsewhere, I hope your deference defies any angry, bitter, gross or grouchy cynicism. For grave errors of one human bent out of shape tend to ripple as earthquakes on the land. Humans gobbling humans isn’t a pretty sight. On the other hand, determined visionaries setting forth righteous faith in all humankind for the sake of global greatness irrespective of the singular intake is revelry fit for festivities. Just one lifetime, I’d love to know that a parade of Presidents near and far happened, helped, and the world at large did thrive. Cheers to the solution sitting inside every one of us.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~Mahatma Gandhi

May you forever swerve your serving in most favorable forms for all.



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