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Brewing frisky glee is readily free. There’s so much ground to cover where we may pierce a new patch of positivity. A sunny-side state of mind isn’t left up to the pranks of the climate gods. We humans are a tough bunch. On the whole, we’re a small gang of bullies compared to the masses just aiming to own their smiles. Torn amongst wars or poverty, and wrecked from torrential losses many of us have zero clues to compare our minor complaints to, the world at large isn’t suffocating over a lack of the magical Friday feels. Here in America (at least), mustering the magic of Friday’s elixir doesn’t sit swiftly in so many of us for all of our days. If you fall into this trap, you must sort yourself a prospector of new angles. Fortune favors those fit for their own accountability. Set your sights for a felicitous outlook. T.G.I.() Everyday is the way to be!

When writing doesn’t escape as easily as thoughts I turn fast to reading and letting photos rain around me until I’m urged to say something through typing words again. Telling stories commingles for me along with where I might be sleeping one week to the other. Work in progress is like life in perpetual molting. We the people are the transformative contours of true ‘work’. As I felt my pocketbook at a loss for continued splurging, the idea to settle into one of our family gathering spaces earlier than years past arose. Casting Aussieland into a bit of distance (but not forgotten), Nashville opened her Southern charmed arms for me. Pretty soon, composure support for my sis in the way of holiday decor, cat litter clearing, a little country-less cooking, and rideshare chauffeur pickups of my nephew from school figured their weight in purpose. Wrapping our time warps around the theory that things are lining up as they need to be for us doesn’t have to be so mind-moldingly courageous.

One of my dearest girlfriends sent me a meaningful text for me not long ago: “I am trying to be a better friend overall. Anything I can do? :)” I immediately rang her phone, shirking the non-emotional-tonality reply of texting back. Thrilled she answered, I stated: “Please take the best care of you!” Reasoning stands tall when we put ourselves first. As well, the volumes of our problems are more adeptly tackled when we’ve got our own backs at the outset. Friends occasionally message in similar ways asking for me to share some supportive pep for their wavering steps. Frequently, I’m assembled well enough to funnel them back to themselves every time What you already know, are, or have access to are some of your greatest assets. Typically, when we’re looking outside of ourselves to fill a perceived blank or cover a conceded blunder the actuality is that we’re far ahead of whatever populace has us chasing our tails.

Another round of customer service, ? People don’t think of me as one with major temper troubles. However, a few days in a row of consumer assistance phone calls was wearing on my sweet demeanor. I was listening to my voice escalate in firmness with persistent speed. Gone was the belle trying to keep the cool in her surname ‘Kuhl’man. I needed to acclimate my attitude to a new degree. I’d never met the Verizon lady ordained to my adversity. I had no idea her personal story, nor her mine. As she diligently dug to lessen the hundreds of dollars blow on my recent bill, I battled my brain for the bright side. I had the money to afford it. I was sitting in candlelit serenity, no boss, barrel of a gun, or winter elements burying me. She popped back after a hold to offer almost one-hundred dollars credit in light of my first-rate ten-years payment history. Behind every lesson is merely life minutiae having waited to roseate your glasses.

The almighty everyday is available as your friend or your foe. Why on earth would you choose the latter? Now, I’ve clearly described my own lack of satisfaction control at times. Even though, I’m the biggest fan of revolving to evolving. I realize this is universally a usage agreement, where many will argue disagreement. But, my point is to employ exemplary operations with whatever you’re given and that which you can gain. This entire life is one glorious surprise. I can’t fathom being cut out of this cosmic carnival too shortly. I don’t want to miss a single maharishi moment to stimulate my inner savant. Therefore, hemorrhaging happiness is the highway I want us all to ride. Hence, let’s forage flickers of hope to burn with the brilliance of a million stars. Identical with that thunderous bolt of ebullience that comes as we begin to tip to a Friday weekend is the highest and only stress-energy we ought to seek as mastery every way.

Life is but a living dream, so stream your grandest version.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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