The Attention of Tending

4 min readDec 14, 2020
Decorative Graces, Photo by BradensEye featuring Maui Memorial Medical Center hospital

The effort to care is about caring at all. An attitude of helping actually aids the giver as well as the receiver. While life is stocked with those for whom sympathy is as foreign as a land they’ve never seen, I believe in a majority who fill our planet with a penchant for compassion. Endeavoring to exert an emphasis where it might be dismissed makes an incredible difference in our lives. The trickle from individuals through giant corporate to governmental structure is indispensably critical. Many are widely recognized during their living to lasting legacies of benevolence. Some may not reap the glory via fame nor fortune. The attention of tending extra nicely to the needs of a person or situation incites success. From a small-timer’s sentimental persuasion, I hope this compels to remind everyone how simple it is to nurture your attention in good stead for great use for yourself and others.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. ~James Keller

Being crammed with a flurry of health issues is quite the burst bubble to a summer of sunshine’s usual high. Over three months of turbulently compacted life-altering information, late August through each of these words. Suddenly slammed with some cancer news, I’ve dealt with a myriad of medical doctors, nurses, staff, imaging centers, surgical sites, and hospitals. That’s more treatment in mucho-shy of one year than I’ve incurred in my prior forty-nine. Yet, with one stupendous variation. The regard with which I’ve been provided support makes up for the excruciatingly arduous weeks’ worth of phone calls to secure all of the imperative balls into motion. Most every step seemed artfully premeditated. Especially my pre-medicated moments crowded with minutia. Keeping my focus is a daunting consideration versus cautious challenges. But, doting hearts can outsmart the ugliest of affairs.

When it comes to the service of humans and their missions, I like to ponder that it’s rarely “the devil is in the details”. Rather, I bow to the holy indulgence that “God is in the detail”. I think that whomever got the wicked adage going was sorely neglected. It’s the finer points of an experience that rest in my memories. The way an entire operation lies favorably in your brain bank compared to any nervous interpretations of potential outcomes. I’m one to aim for beginnings and endings with smiles…


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