The Diet We Do Need

In the Buff, Semi-Selfie

Let’s spur a regimen of footloose and fret-free. I cling to an ideal notion that my USA nation really does give a damn. About its people, their health, our personal wealth, nonviolent partnerships with others, promising prospects for inspiring the youth population, the color of the sky or drains after a rain, nature’s hunger, and the ability to achieve a good night’s sleep even once in a lifetime. The weirdest thing with liveliness is noting when it’s being savagely stripped from our grip in galloping streaks or slowly oozing a silent leak we don’t clock as deadly until it’s too late. It’s less of an impression that anything idyllic is conclusively missing. The (dis)advantage rests within this false perimeter of concern. Instead, we owe it to ourselves to be able to peacefully feel. It’s the diet we do need. Deserting ingestion of ugliness. Permanently gaining the nutrients to bolster our equilibrium.

What surge is this whose question never ceases? ~Archibald MacLeish, Dr. Sigmund Freud Discovers The Sea Shell

Millions of souls are arrested by what they think is their development. Serenities so often stolen by severity. They almost cannot help themselves. Many eliciting disciplines so ingrained they swear by some factual belief. But, truths disguise in unmistakable frights. Yet, we deserve to lose the weight of the punitive world upon our shoulders. If ever there was a time for guiding principles it seems we ought now reinforce our tears with cries of bravery. Our bodies ache for authenticity without reservation. How wholly welcome it could be if our only purpose was to intimately process. Where we’re given the space for our lingering lesions and models of historically riotous ancestral wounds to be nourished. The place of contrast that caresses ruthless tizzies to brandish new blooms. When we can affluently raise the riches of our emotions consciously.

Crossing bridges is a whole lot easier after they’ve been built. I mean the kind of mission that offers a complete remission. I would start us off with a whiz-bang mental pardon. Imagine a planet sans any grossly competitive to compulsory social media frenzy. A fast from the supposed ‘nutrition’ of keeping up with mainstream news to influencer technology. Further, whose mirror was an immortal aperture of inclusivity. I’ve bartered tons of meditation for brooding. I can’t quite unyolk the disconnect from our expanse of generations to the present moments. That crux of proof bristling oodles of us sitting unscathed by the struggles another faces. I demand more from us. While I invoke the whiffs of change whispered amongst heavens’ ethers inside the alacrity of angels eagerness to cheerlead.

You’ve got still enough time
And you don’t need no ticket
And you don’t pay no fee ~
The Waterboys, This Is the Sea

I believe we prosper throughout the bluntness of thwarting any bondage to systemic nobility. If I bypass the infringements of external negativity I defer to the laws of my own inflation. My sheen is most inclined to gleam for a lengthy period after my feet have been left naked against the backdrop of a radiant rainbow date. Barefoot brings me happiness. It’s a similar refrain as the upcycling of a wine bottle or package of plastics awakens within me. I see your terminated hooch container of alcohol and wish to pen a love letter crimped into its bowels, then tossed into the turbulent ocean to wash ashore a distant beach to make someone else’s day. The parallels are unbridled when roaming to provide is furnished a home. Besides are a host of atomically ardent properties that captivate my marrow. My blood boils magnanimous impulsivity of altruistic coupling.

Diets are a longtime fad set to trim our fat. What we should shave off are the confined deficiencies peddled as grandeur. They are an act of Congress battening down the hatches of innumerable hatreds. Alternately, use them to excavate. Pinpoint your long lost determination. Enjoy me tracing the roots of my honest identity. Herein bathes the riddle plus the reply to why I won’t meld with all of your well-behaved textbook virtues of me. I plan to meet my maker unveiling the swashbuckling style of a reliable earthling. Wherein the vault of classiness is supporting fellow citizens. When sparingly is saved for the plates of the percent customary to overflowethness and surplus otherwise dispersed diligently. Just muse in allied intelligence what a brag it would be if seldom be anyone in distress. We the people have aspirations. I want to see yours fulfilled. Humanity teeters atop this fulcrum. Our dignified refuge depends upon it.

Apply rEVOLUTIONary within yourself liberally.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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