Furry Feels, Selfie

Feelings are our friends. Actively engaging, instead of ignoring, all your feels promotes intense personal knowing that can lead to long-term peace. As we accelerate the steep climb of the roller coaster before it swooshes speedily onward, we might be fearfully praying or gleefully screaming. When his chiseled torso swiftly parted the yards of ocean waves between us to arrive within inches of me, then leaned in with what seemed slow motion to take me into his arms for a first kiss, I was lost in enchantment. Being caught in the rhapsody of a single moment can be worth the cost of living an entire lifetime. My gratitude cup overflows for having more than a few of tranceful instances thus far.

Any deep feeling is like being so schnockered you can’t stand up. I’ve been steeped in some serious states of rotten in my time. Rageful angry fights, awful drunken nights, car accidents, psychotic stalkers, crazy stressful bosses, and loss of more than a few precious ends of life can be the icebergs or just feel like the tops to an oppressive mass if we’re tipping into a depreciating state of mind. Being right in the thick of hazardous feels might appear and occur as suffocating. Especially when our going gets really rough, the need for alternative joyful feelings is crucial.

Emotional sensory overload can seem a catastrophic curse or can be a serene reprieve from everyday reality. Finding your away from the annoying setbacks is the heart of this game of life. Spirit to ignite your happy feels is where it’s at. I can linger in the tension of a potential lovers kiss for weeks. I’ve been well known to rotate memories of many of my old flames’ special gifts for years on end between new partners. Picking up a kitten to hear the roar of that little purr against my chest or lounging on the couch holding hands with my sister’s dog as if my beau idling a Sunday chill with me are easy fixes to any teetering feelings wanting to pop off towards the poop direction in my brain.

Forecasting floundering or frightful feels is a useful tool for thwarting prevailing numbness. I’m a staunch supporter of creating baller emotional getaway plans. Meaning, I suggest keeping oneself armed with a variety of maximizing feel-good moments at the ready. My upswing can reset sometimes as easily as a phone call to that kind of friend who gets you no matter what and has a stupendous sense of comedic timing despite any mood, dipping into the velvety water of a warm bath, or forcing my caving indoors grump and glumness to step outside to hug the sun. Spooning pets is clearly a winner within my camp of and hugging my family’s laughably docile Pit bull is a monthly sure-fire way to dose myself with some fabulous feels.

Give me the feels or give me death. With all the harm there always could be, my hopes remain that tenacity will surmount. My best life moments are accentuated with feelings of grandeur. Whatever makes us feel so damn good leads to the anticipation of more. Same as bad stuff, if you surprise yourself by giving tons of satisfying feels there might be less room for the poor ones to stay sovereign. Subtlety or pronounced positivity, let them be in your feels range. Setting yourself up for more sweet feels is the cardinal rule I know at hacking your best life. So what, you had a Bad Day. There are always options to turn better back in your round. Touch, taste, smell, sound, sights, situations, locations, people, travel, activities, animals, silence, and legions of variations await our giddy responses. Gravitate your way towards What a Wonderful World it is.

I Got You on this like the master Feel Good man himself — Gush with as many lush feels as you can!

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