Watching My Gifts Tick and Tock, Photo by BradensEye featuring my 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock Unicorn giftee from some of my LA girlies

Shall your tempo be a contagious melody. What we do with the seasons of our seconds defines the measure of our immersion through marvelous meaning. Life has these proverbial reins. We can lead or be led. We can take and we might give. It’s in the giving that I find the most pleasure presides. The residence in self of choosing to ride one’s existence filled with more periods of loftiest goodwill gets the blood bubbling over in beautiful boons. There are those of us who are known to submit so chivalrously they seem to bear Pegasus wings surging many hearts on infinite high. The perfect presents aren’t so neatly wrapped in brightly colored papers adorned with bows or sparkly things. I think that the gift of time is our greatest gratuity. Offering yourself for yourself and others is a lesson about leaning into the unicorn. Belief in enough begins with your view of rewards.

If I know I’m walking forever, I have time for now. ~Thomas Hübl

I gather that anyone won’t ever anticipate the utterly complete value of time ushered in excellently. This year of pandemonium has provided all of us with a profound reflection of our time. How we collectively use it or privately assist our hours in allowing grace, grief, generous regret, or gorgeous laughter all comes back to choice. It’s doubtful that a drought of sharing your time should ever occur. I’m confident there’s someone who devours your time as evocatively as the first warm hug ever achieved. These persons are your hit list that I suggest you aim not to dismiss. They’re the souls that perchance settle you between the sheets, rearrange every insanity when one creeps into your brain, or are able to solve the mysteries of imposter thoughts trying to seize your idle peace. As I’m nestled in the succulent scenery of Hawaiian aloha for this spicy spell of another decade done, I’m enveloped with the glories of my time.

What’s shown up for me this 2020 is so far from anything I predicted. It’s safe to state we’ve all been thrown several loops we weren’t expecting inside these near 365 days. My living location, the dearest blossoming of family and friends relationships, the opportunities to literally dive into nature have all deserved each weighty pound of my time. Similarly, it’s our time to write a card, jot a poem, dial for a surprise phone ring to someone you suspect will appreciate hearing your voice whether you leave a singing-out-of-tune voicemail or delightedly obtain them answering. The time you can create to drive across the island (or wherever in your town) to a community food bank to donate plenty from your pantry you know you don’t need as much as someone else. It’s the 250 memorable minutes marathon long-distance Facetime video call. So, what will you do with your now? Where are you placing your time?

A little trust and your time
You can change your life ~
Future Islands, Balance

I feel a big peculiarity part of the fun with existence is what appears in one’s favor versus the evils. It’s equal amounts of what we don’t do as compared to what we do pick. By the time you’re looking for more time, some of it’s galloped right by you. It pulls away the same as it waits for you to sort a date with it to recuperate through an entire evening or to even string a seductive section of your multiple days all in a row with it, as well the giant dare of taking weeks or months to exaggerate where you’re dedicating it. Yet, you can pluck time as easily as you might gulp a cold drink fresh out of the fridge, grab a product from Amazon, pop a song on play mode, or squeeze toothpaste from its tube. When I contribute moments of my lifetime all for myself or with specific people whom I want to carve space I estimate it’s my personal version of smartly invested earnings. Making time is like making fat wads of money.

Time is akin to weather. It’s always sunny somewhere. While you could judge time as imperceptible, a faint irritation, a glaring insult added to your injuries, it’s also an eraser. Time’s exact location cannot ever be revealed. Your visits with time can be extensive, abrupt, terminated, and indefinite. It’s a sore loser if you mistake it for a demon. It will be the wind at your back, the meditation of your Chinese puzzle aptitude, the opening of every friendly flair received in the mail, and includes your heartbeat. If you be a chaser of love, therein it races you winningly. Don’t ever let its latent talent to shape itself a rectangle parading as a square one instance or an ellipse the next scare you. It’s a true original morphing for you. May the mold of your time linger like a lover’s kiss or the snug of your bestie’s bestowed sloth socks smiling back at you as they dangle on your feet.

Be the idea of someone’s time very well spent today… and unfailingly.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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