The Grass Is Greener on Both Sides

Greenie Grandeur in Every Direction, Selfie

As we have to opt-in for something, let us embrace our finest. It’s quantumly exactly what we elect that determines our engagement to be offensive or phenomenal. From where I’ve grown to sit the grass theory is a time-honored tradition of exploring and exposing the goodness on my side no matter anyone else’s side. From this vantage point, I’ve taught myself the agreeable attitude to seek the cheer and bring it to full light. Then, too, can we use this method of recognition to perceive the splendor of another without letting it steal our own thunder. The concept of better is available for everyone. When we extol the virtues of all sides we rise. The grass is greener on both sides if we decide to marvel it so.

Even someone else’s opulence or abundance works in my favor with this outlook. The tree sits in sun and casts shadows. The grass beneath her canopy is technically no more green in the sun as in the shade. Though it may appear to the eye yellowed in the sunshine by comparison to the tint hidden from the blaze, nothing is better colored one blade to the other. The footing feels the same, just as one flank of the timber to another. Instead of chasing others green grass aspects figure out why your own is brilliant. Stalk the sunshine not the shadows of your soul. Besides, the more we’re blessed by ourself as well as honoring blessings outside of us we attract more of the greener grass effect.

Exams we didn’t know we’d have to keep taking continue to appear. We think we give those up with schooling, but rarely are we told the number of such tests life goads as we move along. Successful exams during the course of your living are when you know how to best the test by boosting yourself. Squashing recoil and leveraging your bonus points is the way to lean into this. No matter what befalls you, your rate of happy return is your performance core. Opt for things to lift you up and not let you down. In truth, it’s never really about sides in the first place. All positions offer the freedom of transcendence.

Anger gives us age lines. Last time I checked, none of us really wanted to add the look of age, so much as some of us don’t care as much as the cliché Hollywood crowd does in the actual appearances. We need to do better. There’s no good reason to compare yourself to another. These situations mock your intelligence. Irrespective of the costs of time upon you choose to turn hardships to relationships of benevolent indulgence. Whenever life asks to toughen you, think toward the luminosity of the greenest grass that’s ever captured your devotional concentration. We can take distress and stroke it until it shines.

There is no fence to balance upon or fear of tipping to a wrong side when your point of view skews confidently exceptional. It easy being green should you set your sights on thinking it is so. If you can seek to be content with you there is no room for better elsewhere. Heeding our manners of being and doing with big-heartedness invents our space for grace. Within sympathy for self, we may see more verdant options. Perceiving kind ideas generates actions of generosity. Listen to the Splendor in the Grass grow fertilely for you.

May all angles offer you their greatest greenery able.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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