Merry Misfitmas, Photo by BradensEye

The Magic of Misfits

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the world

Many a misfit was motivating, many lives unfurled;

Misconceptions were strung by the judgmentally impaired,

In hopes that their own troubles would soon be repaired;

The spirit was nestled all snug in their hearts;

While hope for the future seemed a delicate art;

And lamas in their caves, and I with my meditation grace,

Joined our intentions for a better human race,

When up in the sky there arose such a light,

Few could ignore what was shining so bright.

Bathed in goodwill we knew we were saved,

So long as all stepped up to brandish their brave.

This hint of some mischief merely sweet magic,

Cementing possibility for much less tragic.

Then what to our pondering thoughts did grow,

But spectacular options and real universal flow,

With derivations so simple and quick,

There was no mistaking this would do the trick.

Consider your own living by any other’s name,

And as deeply, and fondly give them your same fame:

“Now, Beauty! now, Talented! now Successful and Wise!

Oh, Friendly! oh, Loyal! oh, Honorable we rise!

To the top of the mountains! in nature cry all!

Let’s dash around! splash around! Loving is a ball!

As behaviors that before tender care are a mess,

After such meet with appreciation, are readily blessed;

Out into the masses, their happiness flew

With plenty of praise, and confidence anew -

And poof, in a twinkling, it happens that fast

Soul mending and altering from any terrible past.

Those typically caught in a repetitive frown

Suddenly embrace most charming sounds.

Compliments and kindness can alleviate scars,

For understanding makes us show up as stars;

Taking time for goodness might take some knack,

Yet the more you practice you’ll see others have your back.

Your actions — how they dazzle! your value, it aligns!

Your meaning full of integrity, your purpose now shines!

One’s empathy for another creates strong bonds,

For which unselfish survival is intimately fond;

Forgiving of yourself as well as others trumps,

Being well treated is a super eternal bump;

Showing generosity and infinite learning has tact,

When coupled with charity is a true class act.

Your compassion and patience, both significant marks,

Coupled with laughter in union are epic sparks;

A nod to your decency and affection combined

Soon draws the attention of all the divined;

Be your best despite setbacks, every single day,

To enjoy tons of shimmer between sleep and play.

People everywhere, especially us misfits,

Share a wink and a prayer over our intensive grit.

Spring forth valiant efforts, no one should you dismiss,

And delighted beneath mistletoe you could catch a kiss.

Remember forever, ecstatically smashing strife -

“Merry Blissmas to all, and to all a good life!”

(festiveness contrived based on the original)

All our carrying on about drama this, or politics that, and silly pointy fingers wagging is a giant waste of precious heart-trending glory most apropos for all seasons. I readily counter our extremist lives with a faithful dose of spirited times. Every one of us carries uniqueness as a gift, which makes us all a bunch of misfits in someone else’s eyes. What sculpted you, defines your family, allows those stand out traits, and gives surge to ancestral imperfections you’re here right now to obliterate are fine cause for celebration.

Today, I aim to decorate my belief in myself and discover others. I’ve stuck out like a sore thumb too many times. It used to rub me the wrong way. Then it became a fierce rebellion. After that came periods of disillusionment for people trying to fit me in their version of what’s appropriate. Now, I work to like my differences. My tribes continue to be found. We misfits are the true champs. But that is truly all of us. Choose to take time to gather with others, gulping in their greatness akin to Gatorade intake on a broiling day. Every single one is important.

When we began trimming my sister’s tree this year, she couldn’t find the usual angel topping. So, I crafted a heck of a massive misfit star atop from a huge red metal star surrounded by her red holly berries wreath. Another thumbs up for wrapping myself in the merriment of a moment.

Go forth believing bliss and you can wish it so!

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