I came factory installed with a serious “yes” default. It’s part of my DNA. I don’t remember asking for it. However, I do swear by karma and the more rare belief that we choose our parents to come into this life for whatever lessons this lifetime has to give us. It’s working with all this ‘yes’ energy that’s become part of my reasoning and reckoning for my time here. Yes, I will support you. Yes, I will help you. Yes, I can do that. Yes, I will listen to you. Yes, I will love you. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Notice, these are written one directional- from me outward for others. There’s absolutely, positively nothing wrong with any of this in theory. It’s only the ginormous lightbulb moments of where was the ‘yes’ for me in all of this that has been flickering in waves throughout my more recent years. I like to think that such ah-ha moments are recognitions of past lives sweeping in to allow us to grasp something greater in this current time. At least, it’s a safe way for me to translate all the huffing and puffing when giving of myself and forgetting to keep reserves for me in good stead.

Which brings us to the ‘power of no’! My own playful rendition of the infamous enlightenment book from Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now. I began using this statement in 2017 with myself and friendlies around me. The purpose of the ‘power of no’ is to fertilize your space in life with only the things which legitimately give you luster: healthy, happy, productive, useful things for YOU. Meaning, when you take a very close look at all you do, are these things serving you. And by serving you, this is not an ego boost session. Many things one does well are for the benefit of others or all. The point of the ‘power of no’ is taking you away from overwhelm, anxious, overburdended, near your own efforts extermination, and bringing you into shimmer, glitz, personal ‘fame’ for dignifying your attributes and personal expertise of what amounts to joy for you. Expressly, the ‘power of no’ is actually the positive power of saying yes to only the best things for you, not all the things that come your way.

I was experiencing the need for a big transition in my life when this ‘power of no’ dawned on me. It was suddenly more crystal clear than ever before the many things I didn’t want. The power of no was working at the speed of light. I didn’t care for the same things of my past in all ways. I wanted more time to care about the world, about certain people in it. I wanted to develop myself. I wanted to figure out my own private ways of becoming a treasured memento to myself. With more ‘yes’ to me and more ‘power of no’ practice by me with others, so much space is forged. Extra space actually allows me to fashion more for both me and for others. Booyah!

So, let’s not jinx this before the goodies get going. Devising best instructions for your yes and your no equate to solid gold forecasting. Let’s say this is putting the rainbow with the pot of gold in your back pocket for a permanent pullout at the ready. Advance yourself by fabricating an illustrious plan to tackle your good-natured yes and no. *Future tripping’s alter ego helps here. Stepping into the possibilities to try them on before they may happen can help you affirm your yes or no. Example- A man I’m working with wants me to have sexual relations with him in order to please his day, yet it may jeopardize my job and my healthy sanity (#metoo). Herein, future tripping the idea of this may appoint resolve of “No, thank you” and politely existing the situation fast, or “No way!” and still existing fast, while being prepared for calling it out, instead of harboring the frenetic brain spill over millennia. We who have suffered the slings and pains of trapped history in our heads have some work to do on our boundaries, which is the excellent essence of today’s story in a nutshell.

As long as you don’t fill your space with just anything or things that aren’t best, the right and superior things have room to blossom. As well, you will have flipped the switch of life to habitually harvest your prestigious parts. Herein lies the true power of no and yes. I wish Girls Scouts had also given badges for things like healthy boundary setting, the ‘power of no’, or similar avant-garde life skills.

Moral morsel for today: The universe will keep delivering more of what you put out and put into it. If you convey clear healthful yes and no’s, it will match those in spades. Place the ‘power of no’ as the exalted Queen or King of your kingdom. In a bizarre quirky compendium to your life, enliven a richer existence with such ethical audacity.

Foremost, no means no and yes means yes. Making them clear, accountable, courageous and correctly what’s best for you is where the power comes in.

*I felt I coined ‘future tripping’ in the late 1990’s, but collective consciousness has taken it under its wings, which makes me really happy. Back in the early days for me, ‘future tripping’ was most often a reminder for myself and my girlfriends when focused on failures with our relationships. I used ‘future tripping’ to explain what we should not do to implicate our men for behaviors that hadn’t happened. Such as ‘future tripping’ that He was going to cheat simply because he was in the same space as his ex-girlfriend. Jealousy and ‘future tripping’ have long been kissing cousins for me. Over time, ‘future tripping’ easily morphed into the broader cycle of any future event that hasn’t actually occurred yet, which can drag you into emasculation of another, or anxiety, depression, even psychosis over any person, situation, event or the like. Basically, ‘future tripping’ is an obvious no-no for the psychology of life in the non-realistic realms. Plainly, if something hasn’t happened yet, and especially if it’s perceived occurrence isn’t a constructive element (i.e. ‘future tripping’ about the true innovative potential of something), then don’t do it. More ‘power of no’ fully blended into a creamy concocted crème de la crème consciousness with Tolle’s Power of Now!

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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