The Prince of Persuasion

Princess of Persuasion, Selfie

A tall tale with some truths…

This public service messaging is brought to you by one single woman in need of some things you might be able to infer.

It’s been ages since I’ve been Cinnabon-envious hot and sticky with a sexy male being. To relax in my britches, there are moments I may be found wallowing with words in lieu of my preferred saliva swapping starter course. Language is one of my lovers. She’s actually transgender, having both masculine and feminine qualities. She’s racy and spacy all at once. The libido of my inner dialogue is highly provocative. I enjoy the subtle play and pounce eagerly with any acutely intellectual opportunist digging the banter.

Loving through words has spared some of the heartaches many a moon rise for me. Mostly submissive in the bedroom, I tend to be dominantly faithful when it comes to breathless embraces with dicks and diction. Figuring out my passions over adjectives, alliteration, and analogies keep me adventurous when there’s no good flesh to press or commitments to conjure.

Forgotten Math
circa 9–16–06

writing about love
is like dancing about accounting
your pronounced patience
waiting on my scarlet rain to pass
a pure dedication
immersed in trust
contemplating my healing playroom
my punishment is taking shape
unexpected ghosts will haunt
but this breathless victory
chains us
poured into abundance
a flurry of coffee mounds
and a pepper garden
slaves to a mutual fever
we are dolphins
there is a value in fire
the decent thing to do
after taunting nipples
is to nestle in the slits
waiting until the stirring is enough
and the eyelashes stroke you
then the chrysalis is reborn
grooves blossoming
my love for you
in these moments
is immeasurable

It’s a joy for me to occasionally be profoundly impure enough that I’m causing vaginas to moisten with such wee bit of vulgarity. It’s honestly only about teasing love, which should be celebrated, masturbated, massaged, hugged, dined, wined (if that’s your poison), and inflamed like the loins of a Goddess in heat. I’m also hamming it up for temperament’s sake.

In the end and the beginning, there is nothing but love that I maturely mean. If you’d rather focus on the dusty ashes or balk at the bawdy bits then I already know we’re never gonna stay up all night making popcorn with real melted butter, naked on a couch together, until the sun rises over the ocean bay before our morning swim. And that’s OK. Your pick.

Now that we found love what are we gonna do with it?

Prince Charmings eat your hearts out!

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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