The Urge to Surge

On the Edge of Greatness, Photo by BradensEye featuring her first (but not her last!) rendezvous with the infamous “Jaws”, traditionally spoken as “Ke Kai ‘o Waitakulu” (which means “The Teary Eye”) for Super Swell Saturday January 16, 2021

Bliss ain’t no joke. There’s a compelling swagger affiliated. When you’re around this level of delectation the entire planet spins with ease. Time appears to pause right in thin air. I feel the world stops to make darn tootin’ certain that I’m relishing each lick of her tick. Conquering takes on goliath thrust. The implications of our happiness radar tend to soar. Yet, for all sorts of lame, obscure, or adulting reasons we aren’t always so prompt to kindle…



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LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy, pondering, and photography.