Peacefully Sorting Space, Photo by BradensEye artistically featuring Erdie & Sunny:

Complimentary leanings offer us abundance for peace. It’s obvious that most of us are surrounded by external stimuli. People, the places in which we find we must exist for our commitments and choose all of our capers, and every iota between give rise for sparks of influence to roughhousing to exaggerated triggering persuasions. What we take in, more so especially what we make, of the spots of our being moment to moment allow the arrival of behaviors from scary to serene. Therein, shows our spectrum of opportunity. A broad zone following us all of the time. Your awareness toward tranquilly tipping things in your favor is the noble chalice fit for celebrational clinking. Just as you’d tactfully extend a wad of cash for your server after a lavishly well-tended meal or caretaking, so I present you the scope to break your own patterns of disabling tendencies. Be generous with yourself, please.

From flights to icebergs, things have had me swirling this 2020. My fourteen-hour initial leg of five routes over two days was causing me concern. I prefer aisle seats for movement on long-hauls. Instead of vomiting irritation to the desk agent for passport check-in, I explained my alarm bonded with excitement for my inaugural China Eastern sky voyage. Ironically, they told me they’d have to move me, as my booking-assigned middle seat was listed broken. For my ‘inconvenience’ (and letting go the oddity of a broken plane seat) they happily found me an entire middle row of four seats all to myself for sleeping! From Little Women, Marmee’s authentic lecture for her daughter Jo shares “I am angry nearly every day of my life…” ~ exposing the factitude around how often we may fall into exploits of anger about so very many things. Rather, it’s how we decide to handle the disruptions that meld the maker with stronger grace.

It had been my first full day off working in two full weeks. Despite the paradise island, turquoise waters lapping at my feet daily, sandy shores, or picturesque sunsets inviting my phone’s camera to remain fully charged for the one-hundredth image, my anxiety was screeching demon-speak inside of me. I hadn’t planned where I’d stay my final two weeks in this current country. Money versus comfort, along with a hefty dose of utilitarian travel accessibility pangs were stressing me. Nothing felt right enough. Vehemence clouded within me. But, my spirited energy had filled my freedom plate to overflow, ending in an exhaustively pleasing dancing queen arena. All I wished else was a deep night of sweet zzz’s. Then the iceberg toppled when I reached my co-ed dorm where the air-con was blasting arctic breeze shivering me. After tearing into the midnight reception young lady barely understanding English, I managed made-up sign language for extra towels for my bedding to swaddle myself, plus an apology. Solutions are your armor for such enemies. While reflections are a vital key.

It’s been a curious road for me to examine my role around grumpiness to rage. I would never have dared prior to exhibit any outbursts of upset suitably. Everything bubbled to a bumbling mess like a fizzy drink popped open in the midst of a pressurized airplane (albeit quite less hysterically in terms of humor). However, forming a relationship with the healthy side of annoyances to fury has helped me craft the warmth of setting up my personal needs of what it means to have my own idea of safe space. The mere notion that my body was able to select and ‘talk’ to me about its requirements led me to a recent trauma-informed yoga teacher training I wouldn’t have prior believed was part of my path to healing. By untethering resentments harmoniously, I still leave room for hard emotionally expressions. Although an ever-unfolding journey, it’s way better than blowing up dramatically.

Recognizing the fitness level of your decorum provides a more seamless state of authority. Maybe mud puddles are for your playfully innocent stomping joy. Similarly, they might bring you straight into meltdown for their unabashedly dirty dealings. Whether lending support or disservice it’s knowing our intimate distinctions. Once I sort a nook with fewer ants, the occasional ripple of sea breezes, enough shade, washroom proximity, as well an optimal arms-reachable working outlet for my plugin, my mind settles into the gorgeous gift of life that made any desktop photos pale in comparison because I was breathing inside a live one readily. Paving ways for paying yourself favorably is arguably going to off-set disgruntled scenes. Living is a ceremony for taking your time to truly tasting each learning piece of yourself you need to bring into wherever you’re being to allow the ease.

Living Life as a Postcard, Semi-Selfie Photo by BradensEye

Treating ourselves with considerable attention across our expanses is the crucial piece.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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