Pyromania, Photo by BradensEye

Every ounce of time is a clarion call to heed. Stirring up the embers that alight your rightful claim to a fulfilling existence seems to be the crux for connecting all the dots to align with all you’ve ever wanted. It’s an ache in the belly, a pounding in your heart, and a throbbing in your head. For many, it’s often a stream of voices keeping us from sleeping in soundly. There are feelings and knowing I’ve witnessed in the wide world I simply cannot, will not, shake away from the belief I may live them too. I’m a try-hard groupie of this immortally successful ballad “Why, ME!” A far cry from the victim mentality “Why me?” Our uncompromising fire is that opulent rascal enshrined upon mountain tops whistling a tune that traces continents and oceans alike demanding we show up to accept nothing short of all we’ve ever wished possible.


Lately, I find myself at a crossroads of confidence and completion. Clarity of conviction about what’s missing in my quality of life strides front and center. Understanding the value of my wants is an acute awareness point I was accustomed to bluff or blunder. I used to be too confined as my former self to make my own statements for fear of disagreeing with others. I’ve since taught myself the value of liking me for exactly me. This is in lieu of wishing I were someone else when I look in the mirror or when I put myself to the test of stark comparison to a lavish soul reaping the rewards of a life on high at the same instant I’m obsessing over something meager such as dollars in my bank account. Yet, steps to secure all components of rounding out my reverie life aren’t lining up so easily. Just when my complacency begins to impersonate my credibility unsolicited slivers of opportunity to reflect upon my inaccuracies always appear.

It’s better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you’re not. It’s a sign of your worth sometimes, if you’re hated by the right people. ~Bette Davis

Fires are deadly and beautiful. They roast our marshmallows and dismantle our dreams. For all the positivity I profess, I’m still a mess some places inside of me. I’ve long reassured myself I will share my everything with a life mate. However, he’s not yet here with me and half my life has ticked on by. This is our journey of living — to imagine the most cheerful life we can lead and seek to implement its course. Where we meet our shadows lurking in dark corners and teach them to tango matters all the same. What comes with all this territory is going to ruffle feathers near and far. There is no getting around your discourse will at times be confronting to you, as well displeasing to some or many if you’re out and about a bit more globally. Note, we are not made to conform on the whole any more than fire is perpetually contained. Continue to fan your flames of personal joy. Toast to the tenacious hot spot you are!

I have been uncompromising, peppery, intractable, monomaniacal, tactless, volatile, and oftentimes disagreeable… I suppose I’m larger than life. ~Bette Davis

Spread your determination of uncompromising promise to self. Bending without breaking is a relentless truth of Mother Nature’s cycle. We are influenced by similar design when it comes to striving for our thriving. Life summons us to uncover why things make a difference for us and where we will be flexible or firm. Resolute contemplation to organize oneself according to that which we will agree or disagree is often a mark of great character. The facts of one’s formidable areas of compromise versus adamant principles oxidize your individual fiery blaze. When I’m faced with particular disruption, it’s safe for me to assume I’m faltering in some spirited space of self I ought to be iron-willed.

What we attract in our fanfare mimics our devotion. I’ve noticed negative lifelong patterns that are difficult to interrupt. Although, nothing is truly impossible if you’re creative enough. Defining your distinctions in order to specialize in your best self is as uncompromising as should be the burning fire that drives you. Whenever I’m knocked to my knees with rejection, distrust, and shaky faith, I venture into as much communication and self-care as my bandwidth will permit. Coaching sessions, familial or friendly venting and sharing calls do the trick to reset any yield I’ve given way to less than the champion I know endures in me. History serves a stunning array of pathfinding badasses to keep me pining for my unique slice of life pie I’ve envisioned.

May the pleasures of batting your Bette Davis Eyes spark brilliant fire.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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