I Love the Way Things Line Up, Photo by BradensEye at Infinitespin Records

It’s that magical breach nestled between drive and dreaming. When you can swear cheerfully with or without profanity that you had no clue it was coming. One thing occurred, followed by a series of unraveling that keep showing you favor. It’s the spaces where places, people, and events line up to make a perma-smile lead your way for hours, days or more. There you are, eyes wide open, slurping the sweetness of an uptake of unfolding. If we could bottle any bit of it we’d all be super rich. But we don’t need to dare such frivolity since this is a state of being ever available provided we remember it exists for the receiving.

We’re taught and brought up to be go-getters. Surrounding us in media, educational messaging, from family or advisors are constant reminders of a need to make things happen. I’m all for perspicaciousness of a shrewd personality eager to get their way. But, along the road of finding what fits me and others I admire, I’ve learned about this nifty trick allowing equilibrium. Sometimes our pushing toward those desirable items infringes on the beauty of minding the gap. Meaning, if you’re only using all your energy to bear down upon your primary target (the cute newcomer you’d like all to yourself, the job whose description seems written for you and they don’t even know you, etc.) you’re likely missing the opportunity for a personal windfall from any other direction.

Jump, and you will find how to unfold your wings as you fall. ~Ray Bradbury

Get out of your own way. How often I can overbook my own schedule! I’m a classic alpha-gal in recovery. While having close to five decades experience to reflect upon, persnickety patterns are funny little buggers that creep back into one’s psyche all too easily no matter the amount of good work put in to abolish them. Case in point, it’s all on me to lighten my load, even though it feels guilty to do so too often. However, every single time I’ve let go of the stranglehold I have over my long list of to-do’s in walks adventure, fun, peace, and ease, all topped off with a hefty dose of that miracle mojo. Jumping out of my over-programming perfectionist and into the flight of unexpected possibilities is the very jumpstart that results of many of the best moments of my life.

I ignored the invitation to a favorite photography gallery’s new art show because I was overwhelmed by hundreds of unanswered emails, not to mention the ridiculous amount of unfinished business entries in my brain ticker. Then a bestie girlfriend I’d not seen in far too long texted out of the blue to ask if I was attending. Craving relax time with a dear friend in an ideal environment, I let myself fall into confirming I’d meet her there. As the grand evening unfolded, I found I was flanked by tons of others I’d not hugged in ages and my heart was bursting with happiness for the unplanned encounters and super conversations of catch up. Another girlfriend just moved back locally to Los Angeles from New York where I saw her last tailored the awareness commenting teasingly that I was ‘holding court’.

An associate I’d been cultivating a friendship with for a couple years messaged suddenly to note he’d be traveling to our Mexico sustainability conference via my Los Angeles base. Again, even though I could etch a zillion reasons to get more done in my world, I leapt at the chance to pick him up from the airport and help get him wherever he may need to go for a day. An awesome adventure arose. From navigating winding streets to showcase a bit of scenery over rush hour amidst unsavory weather, landing to a yummy lunch break huddled beneath a picnic canopy in the unusual pouring rain for California, to me sharing an impromptu recording session we bonded deeply. My love for the sweeping reward of an unfolding quadrupled as the day turned to night and into the wee early morn hours of excellences one after another.

The music studio owner and I had friends in common. The other talented artists my adorable Portuguese rapper friend based in Dubai had pulled together to make this anti-slavery/trafficking anthem song became fast friends who led us in a caravan to the most lively salsa spectacle. The two of them performed- one lead singing and dancing as a surprise guest and the other jamming wildly on the keyboard. I’d never been brave enough to let myself think I could manage to twist and turn with the best of these dancers from all walks of life. Sensing my appetite to be included despite my lack of knowledge, elderly expert Oliver comfortingly grabbed my hands, offering to show me the way. He made me feel shiny, capable, and foxy even compared to all those experienced. Every ounce of my loins was instantly moving to the beats at this last stop I lasted until 3am.

Give yourself room to sway from all the hustling into the promised lands that await what life has in store for you by loosening your reins. What is unknown is often filled with avenues of improvement. Empower yourself to anticipate the charm in unabated luck. Open the scope of worthiness winging your way with the opportune aspects of lifestreaming whatever it mighty might all for you. Proceed with some levels of propelling your interests. Yet leave some leeway for play. Succumb to the strategy of surprise.

Break on through to the other side of evolution with the advanced enchantment of unfolding.

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