Unreasonable Amounts of Unpacking

PONDering, Photo by BradensEye featuring Ko’olau Forest Reserve

Exorbitant extents of fulfilling growth occur in one lifetime. Working out your core to get jiggy with transformation takes extreme effort. In this case, I’m ignoring all of our fitness cardio to replace it with the corresponding cerebral gymnastics we humans adore to afflict ourselves with when things aren’t sorting in our favor as nicely boxed as those blue Tiffany wraps that make a gal’s chest thump a few extra beats. It’s like my genetics ganged up on my hormones, then together tend to team up against my sanity. It’s an effective psycho soup. Nonetheless, unreasonable amounts of unpacking tend to lend you the long lead on proper mutations meant to focus you in better directions for the ultimate run. Figuring ourselves out is an endless stream of consciousness. Deploying appropriate self-development techniques accosts every absurd making out with intelligent emptying to unzipping of the complex system of your senses. Dedication to understanding your hollows will satisfy their happy replenishment.

But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy. ~Warsan Shire

To unlock the purpose behind our actions (or lack thereof), not to mention locating a purpose to begin with in terms of deciphering the throngs of interactions we’ll weave is historic for our fate. Actual unpacking has been lightweight for me in the last decade and change. Without a regular residence to call my own, being the devoted freedom-living lover exploring the world at large in search of my place to call home, all while traveling for personal adventures to contract work callings, I’ve taken on quite an extreme minimalist luggage mentality. Although, the irony of a spartan material world has not always aligned the same with career commitments to intimacy drama. I have an individual knack, much akin to the plague’s bacteria bite, for chomping around some humans who don’t match my worthiness. It’s not ha-ha funny when we give our power to players negatively influencing our inventions of positive plot lines.

If you candidly know me, I’ve not been shy about voicing my desires, visions, thirsts, itches, nor my choice of patience for receiving any of these intricately defined items. Therefore, when an opportunity catapulted against me out of left field, I felt a bit like the home plate catcher caught off guard with a ball whizzing at me I needed to secure as an out for the runner wanting another tally on their team’s scoreboard. So, I continue going toward water. As the sources keep showing up. Even in the middle of an upcountry field party comes a half-hour jungle hike deep into the woods, through mudslides, barbed wire fencing crawls, down steep ravines, across waist-high living plants you must push aside at every step to finally land at a waterfall swimming pond tucked inside. Surrounded by happy couples, their gaggles of kids, their pets, this scenery, the splendor of flaunting all the goods that aren’t mine privately has its contextual heartbreak. All along it was merely another test of my thoughts.

So, c’mon ride with me, ride with me
See where this thing goes ~
Bebe Rexha, ft. Florida Georgia Line, Meant to Be

I’ve turned down options that weren’t a fit for solid reasoning. If you’re tired of bartering for attention and tasting the desperation on your skin, then (like me) you clearly have more unpacking to do. If you’ve ever been strong, radiant, attracting more connected people than you have time to deal with, we also have that in common. Simply don’t unpack and settle that spot if it’s any version of a meltdown. Processing a brighter reality will invariably include unnerving the very shape of your reality. Yes, we want to greet the rage of our darkroom days. But in order to disquiet it’s grotesque phases. Here’s where cranking compassion meets the decompression of watering one’s bravery. When we instill burning boldness beneath all sides of hate we turn burnt smells to blooms. Excessive conquest of self geared at tip-top persons who adore you, make time for you, and care about your existence is the fabric of our universal stories being legendary.

Please let us trade the unfortunate feels for the flow. Liberally applying layers of refocusing, reshaping, thinking about where you’re headed that’s the grooviest place you’ve ever dreamed, and who’s designed to ride that train with you will whip around the blues to all sorts of flighty proclivities. Unconditional trust is a new state of my essence aiming to be constantly. It’s taking vulnerability to a notoriously new level. It’s innocence until proven guilty for myself plus others. It offloads the mistakes into miracles of metamorphosis, allowing me to move on when I’ve compressed something or someone that doesn’t suit me to unburden it from my field. I’m finding support in likely to weird ways: silly selfies, coconut milk blended coffee drinks from an appropriately themed Kraken truck or swimming in the silence of an ocean or curiosity by investigating my replies to epical Byron Katie’s Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet when I’ve tipped into the terrible zone with any relationship woes. Every creepy edge bears angelic medicine if I choose to unwrap it delicately enough. Minus sensitive examination, we are but loose cannons firing errantly. Stay busy with the business of being your champion.

May your evolutionary extractions unfold as gracefully as available.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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