4 min readMay 12
Baby’s Gone Blue, Selfie flauntfully romping


Ever unfolding
Curation of life
Calling our shots
Kodak philosophy
perspective driven
Whimsically contoured
Abundantly angled
Crafted to our advantage

… to pursue my vision — one that others didn’t have to see, just me. ~Henry Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner

No one truly notices the same way. How I can’t help clutching several extra steamy heartbeats surveying someone cavorting in brightly to smartly rimmed sleek sunglasses. Trendfully petitioning and pocketing my attention. If you don’t accept the identical abracadabra then there’s simply another entity meant for you. Yet, the empathy of our connections is often filtered because of our lens of identifying with the like. People who look, wear, or enjoy similar things that we do are the ones to whom we gravitate. Although, through it all, what makes us bubbly, skip-a-doodle, esteem-slaying beings are the tufts de plume with which we preen. The tassels of pizzazz that have us stand out from the crowds. Any manners that offer us our own vogue of confidence. An entire persona can shift with the swiftness of rather incidental increments of matter. Framing ourselves well enough might be the lavation leviathan of a dynamite daily ritual.

I’m a clothing swap whore. I dote upon the ability to shuck consumerism and still be newly adorned. A gratis gift versus a materialistic mess. Even so, sometimes a bargain enthusiast walks off with a score of zero to goalgasm grand slamming it. My latest free costume change fling occurred at my fav Colorado local co-working, nachos, and drip (i.e. both the coffee and flair of threadbarers who grace the place) Boulder taproom Sanitas Brewing Co., donating garment leftovers to charity (a double win-win for me). I brought a few items that didn’t care to follow me to the grave and was pleased to find a sporadic selection befitting of tucking in my bag after a couple of laps. I’ve trained myself to solely snake anything that I’ll give a day’s use. But it’s those inadvertent gems that keep me sourcing this trade. While it wasn’t my first Goodr rodeo, putting on the hipster Blue Shades of Death suddenly made me a…


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