Voice Is Choice

My Voice: My Vote, My Smile, My Peaceful Ways, Selfie

Your voice is your truth, your essence, your power. Make no significance about whether you speak your words, write your words, sign, pantomime, use any body or another type of language to convey your words. They are all means of channeling your voice. The exclamations you message show off why you are, who you are, what you value, and how you wish to operate based on the beliefs you deem your constitution. Voice is choice. It is the supremacy for establishing your take on the justices and injustices of the world in which we live. Be willing to be heard, to be seen. Execute your rights by never failing to give your voice where it is needed most.

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. ~Malala Yousafzai

Step up by stepping in. When we bring our voices together we raise the notion of the nature of voice itself. Our collective voice is a personality unto its own. Republicans and Democrats stake a claim to each of their concerted voices. As an American nation, our voting principles rank as a communal voice. Playing devil’s advocate, the same as not expressing your vote is often depicted as a denial of one’s voice. I admit I’ve never quite understood the absence from voting. There’s electric energy when at the polls punching my selections and even filling in those little bubbles on the giant paper rectangles if mailing my absentee vote. Since I was raised in a Southern state, I knew folks who others tried to ban from voting. The segregation mentality is still supported in pockets of our country. This attempt to numb many voices for the sake of ‘controlling’ a larger voice is rude at best.

All lives matter. Black lives. White lives. Any tribal lives. European lives. Latino lives. Asian Lives. Aussie and Kiwi lives. Indigenous lives. Cat lives. Dog lives. Elephant lives. You get the drill. I find the real consequence for singling out competent souls merely feeds the fear, hate, or aberrated glory machine further. It’s as if those in conflict with others never thought it through. How if you voice strong alarm you build stronger alarm. Then again, if you are bred with too much fright, strife, and entitlement you tend to bleed likewise. It is a more rare beauty the voice which breaks the chains of its past or familial rhetoric brandishing a new routine of peace. Every array of color of our collective human rainbow counts.

Tomorrow January 19, 2019, I will march again in Los Angeles, this my year three in a row for the third annual National Women’s March movement. I march for my roots known and unknown: Indian (still awaiting DNA results to identify what tribe/s), Irish, English, German, and Polish in the least. I will stand alongside all friendly non-violent voices. I will listen to those who speak out to proclaim harmonious fundamentals. Inside me sits a tranquil entity who still believes I may observe in my lifetime the opportunity for all women, every kind of a woman, to live in full partnership with all else.

Think of the differences between a successful versus tumultuous relationship. Now, consider your life happiness when you continue to choose more interactions with the former in lieu of the latter. Inspection is a means for us determining with whom and where we allow our life path to turn. Yet, when discriminately scrutinized that stripping of our meaningful verity is a blow to our special voice. When we bravely dare to share our backbone mettle becomes more steadfast. Deep inspection of our moral fiber is grounded in the capacity to voice our optimal selves and not be torn down for it. What this does for your humanity is a soothing bout with confidence, esteem, improvement, and self-love. Being heard well is a basis of existence.

Choosing valuable words helps. Lending a consciousness to your voice creates a role for you to be viewed as a more important speaker or one who is invited to give more of their opinion. Choice words are at the core of why people rely upon certain others to represent a brand, company, organization, point of view, and many a calling. Such voices inspire us. They can teach us the abundance of a well-mannered spirit. A voice steeped in sweetness that matches our own fosters the blossoms of a beautiful friendship, union, marriage, and all senses of cooperation for a greater good.

May the eloquence of your voice lead you to most virtuous choices.



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