Wasting My Time Selfie

It’s time to get caught up in you! Today is brought to you by that wind that carries no caution. We’re speaking to the mellow muse that lives inside of you. I want to turn on your carefree tap and let the cup runneth over. This is about that airy state of experiential whimsy. In full-blown curiosity for spirit soaring excellence, I want to encourage you to waste a moment… intentionally.

Muse upon the last time you sought out a spontaneous moment for yourself. Maybe you’re jealous your kid gets nap time at pre-school and you deserve one too. Perhaps your toes have been crying for beach sand for ages and you promised to reward them. Your favorite cinema may be running a midnight special cult classic you don’t want to miss. Some of you may find your happy place cruising the Costco or your local grocery store aisles for the free samples. Whatever your personal pleasure, guilty or not, your time is now. Go for it!

In fact, I think your time is always now. Enough of us are devoured by the agenda we’ve tasked for ourselves. That’s the crux of what this very moment is all about. We’re so busy being busy that we often forget to focus just on the ‘me’ inside the whirlpool of our days. As someone who adores meditation since it bit me on my sexy bum, I’ve learned a bit about taking some time for me. However, that doesn’t mean I remember to do so as regularly as my inner being craves. Many of us don’t take a time-out. As parents or school teachers, we may give time-outs to others. Often these are considered moments of retribution for negative behavior. On the sunny flip side, I’m always seeking to turn negatives into positives, whereas this is another perfect example. I think time-outs are something every one of us should be giving ourselves.

A proper time-out is permission to be with ourselves in any way that shapes us for the better. The gift of a time-out is a friendly reminder that all this living going on includes an opportunity to just quiet the hubbub and ramp up your radiance. Many are working long office or laptop hours, so a breath of fresh air or extended bathroom break might be your moment of need. Some have family they’re caring for, whether young or older, and a moment to go dunk that basketball out back will reset everything in a powerful way. One time the sheer deliciousness I concocted from an MMA conditioning class that kicked my buttocks into stern shape was this very intimate suspended personal moment that both relieved and revived the reaches of my soul.

With every passing instant, I’m more compelled to seek loving connection. For each faltering aspect of my life, I lean into time spent with beloved people to balance me. Part of the time I take to spend with those who bring me joy is a version of a moment I’m choosing to ‘waste’ on myself. For within the typical fortuneless connotation of ‘waste’ I find instead a lavishness. There is a guttural grace to endowing self with self-fullness. When we fill ourselves with what breaths life into us, we become more alive. As we become more alive, we thrive. Wasting a moment on yourself is all about reaching into yourself to Turn Up Your Awesome!

Make every day a toast to getting groovy with the mundane to miraculous moments Stop to lay in a bed of flower petals, while heart throbbing sounds are pounding in through your earbuds, as you stare at the sunbeams bursting through the tree limbs overhead. Catch a crashing wave with your body, a boogie or a surfboard. Even if you’ve never done so before. Pause between your rushing around to call someone you haven’t spoken to in ages, and maybe even sing them a song. Venture to ask that special someone who makes your heart tickle out to meet you for an artwork stroll. Heck, create “Waste a Moment” parties where all gather to instigate ‘wasting’ good time on one’s self.

Be Brave blessed beings — Wise up and waste a moment!

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