We All Speak the Same (Sane) Language

How You Know I Love You, Without Me Saying So, Photo by and featuring BradensEye

If I could have carved my powers at birth I would have elected to speak all languages, along with flying ‘of course’. I can’t quite fathom the number of times I’ve thought about that genie in a bottle and wished I easily understood and spoke the same words as those in all the terrain I’ve covered. It’s appeared a flamboyant catastrophe. That someone so gifted with the urge to fill a bucket of wanderlust to overflow should be so relationally lacking in language skills.

Then a steadfast repercussion astounded me. Time so amplified a primitive precept I could not help but be bathed in the warmth of its sanity. We do all speak a same language — the body language of life. We hug. We smile. We lend a helping hand or two. We care. We may make eye contact. We may sign. In essence, we love and touch and arouse communication through the wonder of our bodies without having to always use words that match the culture or place only we know. Besides, some of us are born or become functional without the average ability of speaking — some without sight, or hearing, or else. Yet, thriving still exudes. Through it all, we are able to share without requisite for having the same spoken language.

This is no excuse for failing to learn more languages than the one I was given at birth. On the other hand, I’ve elected this an illustrious hide-and-seek of the illumination kind. I declare this an exemplary opportunity for all to be a life virtuoso. For, what if we all express in the same sane ways and grow this global community without being so caught up in needing the same words to think we’re all the sane in our own version of whatever that means. I realize my exaggerated magnanimity might not fit for all. But for those with a kind heart, I steer us along a refreshing path of language-loving wonder.

When a foreigner in a foreign land, where I’ve found I cannot comprehend a spot to eat, a place to rest, or just want to witness the sun from this new point of view, I usually begin with eye contact. Once I’ve found a willing soul, my smile often dissolves any concerns and a source of help presents. Some of my most intimate moments have arisen from connecting within these spaces of intercourse without typical discourse. Equally, in diverse city streets, for example, I’ve felt myself a pillar of all people through the simplicity of reaching to others to support their way. A gesture of reading a map without telling someone because we don’t share the same tongue, yet I can point and wave or gesticulate and they ‘know’ I’m giving them what they need.

Or the most vibrant of my non-language benevolence vibrates with the common beauty of a hug. I’ve been overly known to wrap myself in the arms of strangers so readily, many without cause to want it so much, only to be accepted a sentinel nonetheless. I believe this is because this language from me is utterly genuine. This uncomplicated advance is meant to be simple and true. The body we have is able to convey so much without the need to confound.

Language is an after-market item as it were. We didn’t originate with speaking. Highly debated as for when talking actually commenced, the range suggests anywhere from two million to only 50,000 years ago. In fact, many might agree that caveman and cavewoman got along a bit more easily than our modern interactions between the genders, as they merely had body language with which to contend. It’s humorous at best to ruminate.

My fortune is should you ever find you’re contemplating a disconnect around someone else speaking another language, offer a unique hue of language skills from your smile to wave of your hand, some galactic eye contact or the revered hug. All with trusted body language consent please, but I’ll go on a limb to think our same sane language will produce volumes of softening and allow you to feel you speak the same no matter.

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