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5 min readDec 28, 2018


It’s All About the Best You, Selfie

You are an artist of life. Living is our work, our career. Why we stay alive is our default mission. Our source of income is simply how it continues. Loving what you choose is the good grease that makes your mechanics run smoothly. A soul is the size of multiple seas. Your wings are the expanse of the sky. Our hearts are as radiant as the sun. The mixture of all our love is the light and colors of rainbows. All abilities are as endless as wind. Each one’s powers are rooted in the earth. Hope will bring us together and keep us connected throughout all times. All life is for you and me and because of you and me.

Reflection seems my daily cup of tea these last years. While eager for the warmth of it easing into my body, it isn’t always easy for me to remember to have it handy, get the kettle boiling, take out the tea bag, and drink it up. My biggest life hack is honoring the process. That includes every twist, turn, hill, landslide, tsunami, storm, surge, wake, or burst that beckons my attention or demands my Hunger Games survival style. As I, and we in perpetuity, move through transitions, my uplift and focus lists impress upon me their absorption. May anything in this be as contemplatively useful for you as is with me. Drink up!

  • Attitude is everything. (With a special thank you for this every day Jesse LeBeau.)
  • Wisdom comes in waves.
  • Enter to learn. Exit to lead.
  • Add value. Receive value.
  • Every action is an echo.
  • Choose purpose over perfect.
  • It’s hard to listen while you preach. — U2
  • Making a difference, not solely a living.
  • Look at the world through all angles, not just your own.
  • Be joyous with “whatever flips your skirt up!” — a Southernism I received from one dear Sister Byrum
  • Understand The Art of Receiving.
  • Engagement is not simply a pre-marital state. Every interaction is an opening — greet all with curiosity, smiles, and by name when able.
  • Have and keep best friends.
  • Proper morals provide preservation of the fittest.
  • Collaborative economy is supreme — repurpose and multipurpose.
  • Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. — Vivienne Westwood
  • Know your no’s. Value your yes’s.
  • Let your vibe attract your tribe.
  • Deliver more than your promise.
  • Create your couture moments.
  • Think different. — Apple
  • Use humor hindsight — Don’t let the past weigh you down by remembering it poorly.
  • Place yourself in the present.
  • Future tripping is for dream believers and no crazy-making crushing.
  • See your vision. Let your gumption grab your vision.
  • Nail it. Then scale it.
  • Be FAB — Fueled, Active, and Balanced.
  • You magnetize how you are being.
  • Fail forward. — John C. Maxwell
  • Be a warrior, not a worrier.
  • Sleep naked. Be well. Age less.
  • Find your home in your own body.
  • The right words make all the difference.
  • Sound like yourself and say what you mean.
  • Practice positive Partnership Principles. You’ll know it’s a beautiful match when each thinks they got the better end of the deal.
  • Let not attraction be the main attraction.
  • Pick someone who’s soul food, not merely eye candy.
  • Seek a soul mate and a playmate in one.
  • Find someone whose strengths match your weaknesses.
  • Align with those who change the way you see the world, for the better.
  • Honesty is the best fidelity. — A Bigger Splash
  • Recognize the distinction between guests and friends in your life. You may welcome many guests and want true friends.
  • Connections are currency far more cool and more valuable than money.
  • Breaking the rules means little. You have to be brave and strong enough to make your own rules.
  • Even the best fall down sometimes. — Howie Day
  • If you come to an impasse build a bridge.
  • Interferences generally come from inner — fear — ences.
  • You must name your dragon in order to slay it.
  • An end is ever a beginning.
  • Give up regret.
  • Analysis paralysis is real.
  • Disease is dis-ease with an element of your life. Figure that out.
  • Elevate yourself and others.
  • Embrace with grace all that you face.
  • You either get bitter or you get better. — Josh Shipp
  • Don’t lodge your head too far up your arse. And work to pull it out safely and swiftly.
  • People. Planet. Prosperity. Peace.
  • Self-work is magic. Any version of therapy is eternally hip.
  • Swallow the suck, and move the f@#k forward.
  • Rejection is God’s protection. — Pamela Cummins
  • You cannot stop time any more than you can stop feelings. They will come. They will be. It is what you make of them or not that counts.
  • Devotion leads to revelation, which leads to motivation, which leads to innovation.
  • A key to longevity is flexibility by way of your mobility to remain passionate through changes.
  • Beauty and balance benefits bounty.
  • Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. — Military
  • Aim for exhilarating, rather than excruciating or exhausting.
  • Flourish through integrity.
  • Give not to get.
  • Radiate rather than peacock.
  • You’re stronger than fiction.
  • Love exponentially.

’Tis a season where so many shine. Every holiday I’m mesmerized with stories of compelling healing and luminous spirit. With innocent aplomb I witness cheer. If only to replicate such seasonal affectations year round. One’s own humanity pressed sweetly against the world lends access for a global oneness philosophy that is the foundation for true peace on earth. An individual’s awareness of their heartbeat is similar to their actions, as well any fallout. When we pay attention to our intricate livelihood, we polish our personality potency. Sharing this universal space truly is for caring ~ for self and any others.

Ubuntu is what it’s all about — “I am because we are”




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