You’re Forever Yours, Faithfully, Semi-Selfie with the Chartres labyrinth of St. John’s Episcopal Church

Survival schemes are shapely pruning of the psyche. It’s by way of weeding that we’re fed any part and parcel deliverance from dread. We’re suited for depopulating the intractable spurts flung as far and easily as pollen on our breezes. Durability is dependent upon our breadth of seeing. The lens with which you lead your life informs the relevance of nearly all sightings. Therefore, magnifying as many crucial components that tip the scales toward reverent reverberations is explicitly encouraged. Upping your own ante is anything but self surface service. The staggering charge gripped tightly that you hold as fiercely as Joan of Arc dashed out with her swords or as swiftly as fabled King Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone wield your preferred path. Wobbledy work is for those motivated authenticity-collectors. Tuning in to turn on the steadied synthesis of where we get shaken augments our strength.

If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be. ~Yogi Berra

Are you made of mountains or simply climbing them? There was a time when you could set me down, pin me down, and I would merely strive to do your bidding. I might as well have been building my own alps I next attempted conquering. Then, my trembles began to bubble as tiny flares poking through my positive exterior. Occasionally exploding across a screen such as the serene fraternity house lawn as midnight’s party was in full bloom. They’d be so flagrant they could stop traffic or a heated drinking game of quarters. Sometimes, they’d keep themselves private between just the two of us duking it out in an apartment, under the street lights of a lone Hollywood evening unusually barren of crowds, the boss’s office or private home. Living guarantees you’re gonna summon your share of spiritual apathy. So, the amount of your rise correlates to your outlook, which also leads to your in-looking.

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in everything. If at first you don’t succeed, peer, peek, stare deeper again, within. One’s willingness to empty the load of blame is quite the conversation place to start. When’s the last heartbeat you impressed the inkling that what you know in the mirror reflects what you are at your mortal core level? You don’t need a piece of paper to tell yourself nor anyone else that your qualifications are a human… being. You’re as conspicuous as cool and as terrible as terror if left uncharted. Yet, your possibilities to leap from ordinary to extraordinary are as common as selfies. Considering all of my sides usually allows me to settle away from anxiety. Without weakness, we’d have nothing to do. Without kindness, we’d have too much weakness. To become fluent in growth from stabilizing challenges as respectful interpretations of unbounded awareness is the most intimate action.

Peace can come if you try harder
Peace can come, ooh, if you really want it ~
Stevie Nicks, Show Them The Way

Have you ever tried the scaling game? There are things we can be definite about and things we may be indefinite about. You’d never happily catch yourself driving cross-country and without ever stopping to rest, stretch, pee, or refuel your personal engine. Wherein every effort of processed movement before snapping you reward yourself with the acknowledged advantage of boundaries well kept. It’s the same as why one person dotes you while others may utterly ignore you. It’s your concentration of unrestricted compassion for yourself. I wish to ascend a literal peak. Although, I find I’m puffing at very few feet. When I forgive myself for wanting to quit I acquire added ounces of resilience. I attract and perform exactly what I’m meant to achieve if I’m enabling myself to truly lead. It’s similar to letting go. Do it for yourself as opposed to another. This is where we zoom in with our loyalty.

It’s wonderful how a piece of painted pavement can work such wonders for the soul! Insert the walk along one thirty-seven foot width replica of my beloved Paris city’s famous medieval marble labyrinth inside the Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral. The pulse of favorable persistence takes plenty of forms. Because I come to view the endless routes an experience may be deemed. Ergo, the finite can be removed from my hurt and replaced by an infinite capacity for change. I have the option to muster humor, a range of learning, the sedated relaxation of assuming the whole of humanity panhandles equivalent pain. An alliance of balance functions as a result of steering off base. The trapeze of tottering during a lifetime should give chase to joy. Any excuse otherwise is eclectically flimsy. If you’re slam-dunk ready for reliable nurturing, follow a dear friend’s advice to Embrace Your Wobbles. They’re the love jam to sweeten your existence biscuit.

Creatively crafting a release of dirty energy is of unwavering worth.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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